Billings CPS Case Worker Moyra Anthony Knowingly Places Child With Known Alleged METH User, METH User Admits To Fooling CPS

December 9, 2017





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by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter 

Syndicated by: Montana News

Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from.   


Billings Man Jordan Wade Cooley fooled CPS about his Meth use back in May 14, 2016 and somehow was able to still get custody of a minor child even though he has a  record of using Meth.


For the past 17 months Jordan Wade Cooley has been allegedly fooling the CPS drug testing by using an over the counter mouth wash to eliminate the detection of Meth according to a third party source.


The Montana News did an article dated back on November 3, 2016 regarding Jordan Wade Cooley.  The title and link to that article is as follows:


In this article is talks about how CPS  gave a child to a  known Meth user thereby placing the child into an abusive dangerous environment.   The CPS case worker who did this horrible act was none other than Moyra Anthony who clearly by her actions, condones taking children away from parents and then placing the child in the custody of a known METH user.    This is what happened back in Nov 3, 2016


Fast forward 16 or 17 months later, Now we have this very same case worker trying to cover up her tracks because the Meth user that she placed the child with, admitted to CPS that he has still been using METH and explains as to how he hid this fact from the CPS worker.


According to street sources, 27-year-old Jordan Wade Cooley, has lived at  the location of 701 South 33rd Street. 


According to a current  individual living at that address, she stated to the Montana News by email, that Jodon Wade Cooley does not live at that location anymore.


CPS worker Moyra Anthony, was fully aware that Jordan Wade Cooley allegedly was a known METH user, yet she still placed a child in a  dangerous environment which shows that CPS worker Moyra Anthony is void and lacking any cognitive right from wrong and has thrown out her education and training in the program of Human Services.


Moyra Anthony clearly lacks the proper training when Moyra Anthony took it upon herself to purposely take a child from a good parent and then place that child with a known METH user, Jordan Wade Cooley, Moyra Anthony had full knowledge that Cooley was and is a METH user.


Recently on or about November 6 or 7th 2017  another report of  alleged, METH use according to several street sources.


This time CPS worker Moyra Anthony and CPS worker Moorehead responded to that little tip that came into their office  switch board according to third party sources.


According to thrid party sources, Jordan Wade Cooley allegedly lived with his mother Dawn Cooley.  CPS gained access to the home of Dawn Cooley Jordan’s mother as Dawn Cooley allowed CPS workers Moorehead and Anthony to enter her home according to those third party sources.


According to a thirdy party source,  who asked not to be identified fearing the loss of her job indicated to the Montana News Investigative team that CPS discovered a bottle of “cleansing mouthwash” which its contents are used solely to trick any saliva drug test and make the drug user negative for up to an hour after using that product The Montana News has no way of verifying this other than through a third party source.


CPS worker Moyra Anthony should not have been shocked by this information as she had full knowledge of alleged METH uses as she was the CPS case worker who knowingly placed a child with an alleged METH user 16 or 17 months ago.


Because another CPS case worker was the one that found the Saliva drug test cleanser, CPS worker Anthony was stuck between a hard spot and a hard spot. 


CPS worker Anthony then had Cooley go to a place called Freidel Inc., to be tested for drugs in his system.   According to the Montana News inside source, it was Neil Friedel that called CPS worker Moyra Anthony to let her know that Jordan Wade Cooley tested positive for METH and Amphetamines according to sources.


However, according to the Montana News third party mole who asked to remain anonymous, indicated that Jordan Wade Cooley allegedly admitted to CPS that he had been using Drugs, just days earlier and Cooley admitted that he was trying to cover up his METH drug use and used the Cleansing mouthwash just prior to being tested by Friedel Inc., according to several street sources.


According  to sources, CPS worker Moyra Anthony is now trying to cover up any liability that she faces for placing a child with a known METH user and especially since that very METH user has been busted again.


This makes the public highly concerned, and the public has a right to know that the Billings CPS case workers are not only idiots, liars and deliberately destroy good families, but they also are placing the very children that they take from good parents with people who are DRUG METH USERS.


The mother of the child is Shaunel Dawnn Hull, who has NO drug history either criminally or on record that the Montana News Investigative reporter can find.


Yet it was CPS case worker Moyra Anthony who knowingly places children in danger.

According to neighbor sources near the location of the Cooley’s  stated, “It’s about time CPS figures out that Jordan Cooley was tricking them.   And as for the mother of Jordan Cooley, she had knowledge that her son is using Meth.  The child is still in danger.”  


When the Montana News asked the neighbors if the news could publish their name, the individuals said no. citing that they feared retaliation from the Cooley family.


More articles are forth coming regarding the investigation that the Media is doing on the Billings CPS worker Moyra Anthony.


This CPS worker is a very dark figure and does very dark things to innocent families and places innocent little children in hazardous, jeopardous, risky unsafe environments and conditions.

Moyra Anthony is a BAD CPS CASE WORKER.   Public beware!!  


Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from.   



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