Billings Woman Jordyn Lacey Apps Arrested For Criminal Production, Possession, Intent, Paraphernalia

November 29, 2017






By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings woman Jordyn Lacey Apps was arrested and charged with Criminal Production, Possession with intent, Possession of drugs, Criminal Possession of Paraphernalia.


Billings Police Officer Brandon Ihde saw a Honda Accord that appeared to have had been spray painted to cover the original paint.   The vehicle was spotted in the area of the Underpass Ave and State Ave. 


Over the last 10 months many Honda Accords and Civics have been stolen and repainted.  Before Officer Ihde could bring the vehicle to a stop by initiating a traffic stop, the vehicle had pulled into the drive way of 4620 Bruce Ave.


According to Officer Brandon Ihde, Jordyn Lacey Apps was acting very nervous and she was visibly shaking and her speak was nervous and she talked very rapidly. 

When Officer Ihde asked for insurance and registration, Apps told the Officer that she did not have any paper work for the vehicle and that the vehicle was not stolen.


The plates that were on the vehicle came back as a Mitsubishi Eclipse and not a Honda Accord.  Billings Police Officer Richard Gilmore was the officer who ran the vin number to that suspicious vehicle which came back as a Honda Accord.


According to Jorydn Lacey Apps, she stated to the police that she had just gotten off of probation.   Officer Idhe asked Apps if he could search the car and she stated that he could.

Apps told Officer Ihde that there would be drug paraphernalia which she used as “dab”.


Officer Schnelbach , Gilmore and Ihde were the Officer involved during this traffic stop.


During the search of the car the following items were discovered. A black Micro mc box with a pipe in it, large grinder, a bottle of butane, digital scale an iPhone box that looked like a Marlboro cig box, marijuana stems that were in a pill bottle, Keratin, syringe glass, dab residue.


Cannabis was the liquid that was in the plastic tube.

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