Billings Police Chief Rich St. John Plays An Ostrich With His Head In The Sand When It Comes To Liability Of Officer Grant Morrison VS. Public Safety Article 7 of 35

November 7, 2017






by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings Montana., --//MNA Press//-- Did the Billings Police, City Of Billings violate Richard Ramirez’s constitutional rights under U.S.C. 1983 by Officer Grant Morrison?  More than likely.  Don’t forget that it was Billings Police Rich St. John who has continued to ignore the behavior of Grant Morrison on many issues.


For example, Billings Police Officer Rich St John lied to the Justice Department regarding Grant Morrison running NCIC information and then emailing that information to his wife about various females including a Ramirez female.


It was not until the Montana News exposed Rich St. John as the liar that he is with documents that were provided by the Montana News to the Justice Department.   Then suddenly Chief Rich St. John came clean with the Justice Department.


On another case, Billings Police Chief Rich St. John ignored the bad behavior of his Officer when Officer Grant Morrison was in trouble with the City of Laurel Law Enforcement for breaking the law on several numerous times.   Once again Chief Rich st. John turned a blind eye until the media blasted the truth all about Grant Morrison’s conduct in Laurel Montana.


So it is very possible and probable that Rich St. John is also liable for the many violations of the policies and procedure and customs not only to mention that the Billings Police Chief Rich St. John failed to properly screen Grant Morrison during the hiring process of Grant Morrison.


Once Grant Morrison was hired by Chief Rich St. John, Chief St. John grossly failed to instruct, supervise, evaluate or even properly train Grant Morrison.


This caused Grant Morrison to have a green light regarding his behavior which caused his actions to assault and eventually kill Richard Ramirez.  Chief Rich St. John and Grant Morrison are both in violation of 27-1-501 and 27-1-513.


Was the force use by Grant Morrison called “unreasonable use of force”?   More than likely.

According to the Montana Law, When a Police Officer or Law Enforcement uses more than needed force than what was reasonably necessary to make an arrest, that Officer or Law Enforcement Officer committed what is called a “Battery” on the individual that the Law Enforcement Officer, or police officer arrested using extreme such excessive force.  This is exactly what Officer Grant Morrison did.


Billings Police Chief Rich St. John continue to ignore the liability and unstable actions of Officer Grant Morrison.  This makes (2) innocent victims that Grant Morrison has shot and killed only 14 months apart from each calculated killing as far as the public is concerned.


When will Rich St. John get his head out of the sand and fire Grant Morrison in the best interest of the public safety and welfare?   Or is Billings Police Chief Rich St. John as CORRUPT as many in the public suspect?





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