Richard Ramirez Estate Vs. Corrupt Billings Police Article 1 of 35

October 30, 2017





by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison  fiasco just won’t  go away. The Montana News is releasing the various Police Officers, who were all involved in the shooting incident when Officer Grant Morrison shot in cold blood Richard Ramirez.


The first Billings Police Officer that arrived on the scene of the shooting murder of Richard Ramirez was Billings Police Officer David Raschkow. Officer Raschkow first checked on Officer Morrison to make sure that he was ok, then he turned his attention to the victim, Richard Ramirez.


Officer David Raschkow claims to have attempted to save the life of Richard Ramirez by attempting to give life saving techniques until the medics arrived to take over handling the emergency medical life support.  This can be either proven or disproven by the I-cop film of which the Billings Police did NOT release to the public as of the publication of this article.


Once  medical help arrived Officer David Raschkow then assisted at the scene of the shooting and is reported to have obtained the clothing of Richard Ramerz as evidence. Officer Raschkow stripped Ramirez of his cloths while on scene and then took photos of the cloths.


According to the Ramerez family, Officer David Raschkow spoke to the Ramirez family in an attempt to console them. Officer David Raschkow then proceeded to help in the transportation of Richard Ramirez dead body to St. Vincent hospital for an autopsy.


As evident on the I-Cop, Grant Morrison was crying crocodile tears, not because he was traumatized by the shooting, but because he knew he had screwed up and this was his second killing.


After all, Grant Morrison has the taste of blood and he is now a danger to society.


Billings Police Officer Brad Ross responded to the shooting and stayed with Officer Grant Morrison.


The purpose of this was to keep Officer Grant Morrison from contaminating the crime scene Morrison created and to keep Grant Morrison from doing any activity that could cause him or the public any further harm.


Officer Brad Ross stayed with Morrison until Morrison was taken for his debriefing.   Officer Brad Ross was then told to go to the Hospital and help secure a perimeter because the family of Richard Ramirez was present and was justifiably and visibly upset.


The family members were shouting and were angry and Officer Newsome and Officer Brad Ross, understandably due to the Officer involved shooting of their relative Richard Ramirez who was the victim.


Billings Police Officer Brandon Ihde was dispatched to the scene and helped give an assessment of Officer Grant Morrison as to his well-being and if Morrison had received any injuries in the shooting incident. 


Once he got done with this task, he was  called to the Hospital to help in securing a perimeter at the hospital as the Ramirez family was present at the hospital.


As the public will find out, it would appear that the Police department were more worried about the reaction from the Ramirez family than dealing with the shooter Grant Morrison.


Billings Police Officer Brian Weaver responded to the crime scene and  was one of the first Officers to arrive. Officer Brian Weaver helped Officer David Raschkow with Richard Ramirez until the Medial Units arrived at the crime scene. Officer Weaver also took photos at the crime scene and then stayed at the scene to secure a perimeter while the investigation took place.


Billings Police Officer Timothy Doll had a limited role in the shooting incident. Officer Doll helped secure the crime scene and then was called to the hospital to assist with securing a perimeter at the hospital due to the fact that the Richard Ramirez family was present at the hospital.


The Billings Police Officer that moved Grant Morrison’s patrol car that he was driving that night was Billings Police Officer David Firebaugh.


Officer Firebaugh very briefly talked to a several witnesses at the shooting crime scene and then helped in securing the perimeter of the shooting area.   Later Officer David Firebaugh went and drove Officer Morrison’s squad car to the evidence building.


A passenger by the name of Crystal Jones who was riding in the car that Richard Ramirez was shot in, was detained by Billings Police Officer Gearold McComb and transported to be interviewed by detectives. Officer Gearold then was dispatched to the Hospital to help in securing a perimeter due to the fact that the Richard Ramirez family was present at the hospital.



Not to far off, another Billings Police Officer was trying to find a complainant on another case.


Billings Officer Jensen claims that he heard 3-4 shots fired not far from where he was located at.


Officer Jensen responded to the officer involved shooting and detained a male passenger Dustin Halverson. Halverson was transported to be interviewed by the detectives. Officer Jensen then returned back to the Crime scene and helped with the “measuring and Total Station.” He was called in by Sergeant Pat Curry who had already responded to the shooting crime scene and asked that Officer Hensen and Ellison involve themselves with the “Total Station.”


Once both Officers arrived, Sergeant Curry left and went directly to the hospital to help Officer Raschkow who was with the Ramirez family.


Another Billings Police Sergeant responded to the shooting crime scene and assisted in just monitoring until he was cleared from the crime scene. His name is Sergeant Brewer. At about the same time Officer Dennler arrived but left as Dennler was not needed.


Another Billings Police Officer that was one of the first to arrive was Officer Robert Vickery.    Upon arrival, Vickery detained a man by the name of Tom Black.


Vickery placed Black into the back of Officer Puckett’s patrol car. Vickery then started to look for any evidence that he could find on the ground at the shooting crime scene.


This concludes the first Montana News release of information regarding the shooting of Richard Ramirez. Stay tuned for more articles to be released in a series of behind the scene information that the public does not know but will,  as the Montana News will assure that the Billings Police actions are brought out into the light for the public. Check back for more detailed articles.


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