Officer Grant Morrison Lied Under Oath When Testifying At Richard Ramirez Coroner's Inquest (4 of 35 articles)

October 31, 2017






by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison lied under oath while he was testifying at the Coroner’s inquest hearing regarding the facts surrounding the shooting death of Richard Ramirez.  He already has a history of Killing unarmed people.


In the case of victim Richard Ramirez, Officer Grant Morrison lied a lot on the stand. Just one example of his outright lying on the stand in an attempt to save his stinky corrupt ass, was the fact that he  stated that he had probable cause to  stop Dustin Halverson, Crystal Jones, Tom Black and Richard Ramirez the evening of Monday April 14, 2014.


Dustin Halverson was the driver of the vehicle. Crystal Jones was the front seat passenger and Richard Ramirez was riding directly behind Crystal Jones and Tom Black was directly behind Dustin Halverson.


All the individuals that fateful night noticed that a Billings Police Officer was following them in a patrol car. The patrol car followed unreasonably for many blocks.   It is estimated that once they notice they were being followed by the Billings Police Car as many as 20  blocks where the Officer varied sometimes at a distance and sometimes close.


As the 4 individuals kept moving they made a right turn onto State street and then made another right hand turn, crossed the railroad tracks and into an alleyway behind a home of an acquaintance at 421 South 39th street.


This was where Officer Grant Morrison made his move. He knew that Richard Ramirez was a passenger in that car and he had a vendetta tagainst Richard Ramirez  and the Ramirez family.  He had a score to settle.


According to the I-Cop of which once again the public was not allowed to view and for good reason, the Billings Police department did not want the public to see that full length video, as it was clear that the stop that Officer Grant Morrison made that fate-full night was unconstitutional because, "inter alia," the driver did not commit nor did Officer Grant Morrison witness any traffic violations. Unlike what Grant Morrison stated in the Coroner’s inquest hearing.


Grant Morrison did not have reasonable grounds to make that traffic stop nor did he have reasonable grounds to follow that car for block upon block, stalking Richard Ramirez and his friends.


Just by this action alone Grant is a danger to the public as he is a stalker and stalks his victims before killing them, just like he did with Jason Shaw and now Richard Ramirez.


Grant Morrison had no proof that any of the 4 individuals in that car were about to commit a crime nor had committed a crime nor was about to commit a traffic violation of any kind.


Grant Morrison claims that he did not know who was in that vehicle nor who’s vehicle he was following for block upon block. That was an outright  lie. He knew and the Montana News will release that proof in a later article.


Officer Grant Morrison testified in open court at the Coroner’s Inquest that he “Notice that the vehicle had a light violation on it, which gave him probable cause to stop it, as it was a Montana State Violation.” Here again Officer Grant Morrison lied under oath and to the public. What is more horrific, his boss Billings Police Rich St. John also knew that Morrison had lied under oath and here is how the Montana News knows this.



Do you remember, the shooting of Richard Ramirez was captured on car video dash cam in the patrol car that Morrison was driving?  


Both Billings Police Chief, Rich St. John and Officer Grant Morrison both must realize that the dash cam was rolling in the patrol car when Officer Grant Morrison made that infamous traffic stop. The I-Cop does not lie unlike Grant Morrison and Billings Police Rich St. John.


This video captured all the events that night which includes the traffic stop in which Richard Ramirez was clearly a visible passenger in the back seat. This video reveals NO “LIGHT VIOLATION” or any such other violations whatsoever.


OOPS!! You must have forgotten that part of the video didn’t you Officer Grant Morrison and Billings Police Chief Rich St. John?


Your both a joke to the public,  neither one of you lie very well and both of you must have flunked that day in lying school.


Since this video will form a large part of the case against the City of Billings and Billings Police, Rich St. John individually and Grant Morrison individually, the I-Cop Video will be relied upon heavily to dispel the lies of Grant Morrison and the Billings Police Chief Rich St. John.


The sworn testimony that Grant Morrison gave at the Coroner’s inquest completely contradicts what Grant Morrison’s Patrol car (I-Cop) (Dash-Cam) shows.


Grant Morrison did violate all four individuals that were in that car that fate full night by clearly violating their established constitutional rights by initiating a stop with absolutely no basis for doing so.


Furthermore Grant Morrison’s unconstitutional search and seizure did clearly establish that fact at the time of Grant Morrison’s violation.


No where in the law does is Grant Morrison have and cannot be entitled to what is called in the legal system as “Qualified Immunity.” No Grant Morrison is going down over this one.


If Rich St. John is smart, he would distance himself from Officer Grant Morrison.


This concludes article 4 of 35 that the Montana News is releasing to the public.  Stay tuned for more articles that reveal information that the Police want hidden from the public eye, but that the Montana News will reveal the truth by shinning a bright light on Grant Morrison.  Check for more upcoming articles.













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