Officer Grant Morrison Fiasco? A Danger To Public Safety Article 3 Of 35

October 30, 2017





by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings Police Officer Gabriello Denio was called to the Officer Grant Morrison shooting of an unarmed Billings citizen Richard Ramirez where he was used in blocking traffic and securing the crime scene.


Officer Wanda Spaulding used her patrol car to block traffic.


Billings Sergeant Riley Finnegan directed Officers to preform various duties and maintain security at the crime scene and helped in the investigation and briefed the upper command as they began to arrive at the Grant Morrison shooting of victim Richard Ramirez.


Billings Police Officer Richard Gilmore helped move the victim’s clothing to assess the gun shot wounds to the victim, Richard Ramerez. He placed pressure on a gun shot wound that was in the middle of Richard Ramerez’s chest until the medical units arrived. Once medical arrived Officer Gilmore then helped patrol an outer perimeter of the crime scene.


Officer Maxwell Battle arrived on at the crime scene and helped Officer Gilmore and others with medical on Richard Ramirez. Once Medical arrived he got up and kept security around the car and the crime scene. Later he was called to respond to the hospital where he assisted other law enforcement officers with building a human police blockade to keep the Ramirez family at a distance.


Officer Battle then was called to help in patrolling the area where Billings’s citizens were starting to encroach on the detectives while they were on scene and investigating. The encroaching made the Billings Detectives nervous because they knew that the public was angry over this shooting of an unarmed man and they feared for their life or so they claimed.


Officer Samantha Puckett arrived at the shooting and helped Officer Vickery with Tom Black and transported Black as a witness to an off-site area to be interviewed. Officer Samantha Puckett observed all the interviews that were being done.


Billings Police Officer Robert Ellison arrived at the shooting and was assigned to operate the “Total Station” and collect data.


At the Request of Detective Lieutenant House, Detective Hallam was asked to assist Detective Tucker with various witness interviews and to take notes during the interviews.


Detective Woog arrived at the scene and started to conduct forensic examinations of the phone and SIM card of Richard Ramirez.


Captain Vladic arrived at the shooting crime scene and was updated by Lieutenant Cardillo. Captain Vladic went to the hospital but then left since everything seemed to be under control. Later in the evening he drove to City Hall where Grant Morrison was being kept at and checked in on Grant Morrison to see if he was ok.


At the request of Lieutenant Detective House, Sergeant Mayo was asked to go to the City Hall and to also check on Officer Grant Morrison and then monitor all the witness interviews that were being conducted.


Officer Amanda McKnight was given the duty to assist with taping off the crime scene area and later she was told to go to City hall and help the witnesses that were being interviewed.


K-9 Officer Jared Lausch arrived at the crime scene and searched the vehicle with his K-9 Officer as they were looking for any type of drugs. This searching of the vehicle was actually conducted at evidence barn.


Another Officer was sent to the crime scene to inspect and examine the bullet wounds that Richard Ramirez sustained from being murdered by Grant Morrison. This Officer’s name is Jordan Aguilar who also help tape off the area with Officer McKnight.


Aguilar then went to the hospital and helped secure a perimeter due to the Ramirez family’s presence at the hospital. Officer Jordan Aguilar claims that he heard a woman by the name of Julie Higaneda make verbal threats to the Officers.


When the Montana News talked to Julie Higaneda to confirm if she verbally threatened the Officer at the hospital, she stated to the Montana News that she did not make any verbal threats and that Officer Aguilar was lying.


Billings Police Officer Kramer went into an alley way and blocked it off and remained there.


This concludes the 3rd Montana News release of information regarding the shooting of Richard Ramirez.  Stay tuned for more articles to be released in a series of behind the scene information that the public does not know but will, as the Montana News will assure that  Billings Police actions are brought out into the light for the public.  Check back for more detailed articles.




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