Billings Police Open Fire On Suspect Instead Of Waiting For Back Up !!!

October 18, 2017





 Update 10/29/2017 11:15 a.m. According to Lt. Lawrence of the Billings Police Department "The status of the suspect shot by officers at the Lazy KT Motel, is that the medical status has been upgraded to stable. The suspect’s identity is still not being released at this time. Detectives are still investigating the incident. No other details surrounding the investigation can be released at this time since the investigation is on-going."

UPDATE:*************4:22 p.m.*****************************************************************************



When the Montana News called the Billings police department and talked to Billings Lt. Neil Lawrence.     Lt.  Lawrence  stated, to the Montana News "  I can't confirm that since the case is still under  investigation."


However, the Montana News has discovered that the man was in his early thirties and had a girlfriend here in Billings Montana.     


The closest relatives live in Wyoming according to a MNA source.



Another MNA source that asked not to be named, told the Montana News that the man was actually handing over the weapon to the Officers but the barrel was pointing in the direction of the officers.  Both Officers started shooting their service revolvers.    


by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings Police Shoot male suspect.  According to a press release and a press conference, Billings Police responded to the Lazy KT Motel located at 1403 1st Ave North for a report of a man waving a shot gun in the parking lot.


The incident happened early Wednesday morning.


According to the Billings Police version,  the male suspect did not actually fire his rifle at the Police Officers but that the suspect had his weapon pointed at the Police Officers.


The Billings Police Officers that were involved in the shooting were Matthew Edwards and Jeremiah Adams, both Police Officers are considered rookies and have not been on the force for very long.  Officer Edwards has 5 yrs and Officer Adams has 4 yrs.


Billings Police Chief Rich St. John admits in the press conference that neither of his Officers were shot  nor injured and no other by standers were injured in the incident.


The actual shooting occurred at around 1:08 a.m. this morning. 


  The Chief  declined to release any further information about who the victim of the Police Involved shooting is as of this date and time.


According to the photo that the Montana News has, it would appear that the Officers were shooting to kill the individual and not disarm him and detain him.


 Was it over reaction?  


Highly possible. 


The Billings Police Department has a long History of their Officers using deadly force instead of arresting and detaining an individual by using other methods.  One only has to look at Scum bag Officer Grant Morrison who has Two kills notched on his service revolver, the latest one Richard Ramirez of Billings.  The Ramirez family has filed a law suit against Morrison, the Billings Police Department and the City of Billings.


Officers Matthew Edwards and Jeremiah Adams have  joined  the killing club of scum bag officer Grant Morrison.   The list continues to grow.   Unlike Officer Grant Morrison, Edwards and Adams are actually good cops  but  like Grant Morrison actions, failed to call for back up until they were done shooting to kill.


So far all the police have is that the suspect just brandished a firearm, but did not threaten anyone with that fire arm.  Later in the night that same individual was observed walking around the parking lot with his shotgun.


According to the Billings Police Department Police Officers did not see the individual so they waited until the man returned to the hotel.   The man returned at about 1:00 a.m.  The Officers claim to have heard a “shotgun being racked.”  Whether that is true or not the public for now has to rely on what the Police Department is stating.  


As Officer Matthew Edwards and Jeremiah Adams approached the dark grey pickup, they noticed a dome light coming on and off as if the door was moving.   As they approached the pickup a man was sitting in the passenger seat with his gun in his lap vertically between his legs. Both Officers yelled at the man to drop the weapon multiple times. 


The man did not comply and according to Officer  Edwards and Adams version, the man swung the shotgun towards them .  Both the Officers opened up and started firing on the man  numerous times.


The Officers  fired indiscriminately into the pickup, striking the man multiple times.  It was reported that the man was  highly intoxicated  and had been in one of the bars and therefore did not understand any of   what the Billings Police Officers were wanting from him due to his person being highly  intoxicated.


Both the Officers could have moved out of the way and waited for backup to arrive but instead, took the situation into their own hands and started to shoot this man.


According to an MNA hospital inside source and asked to remain anonymous, stated “The male suspect was shot many times and is in critical condition and may not survive,  time will tell.”


As of this publication, the man was still in critical condition and was still alive.


The Officers that were involved in the shooting should have been better trained and waited for back to  arrive of which they did NOT!  But then again they are only following their leader Billings Chief of Police Rich st. John.  


Inside look at how the Country is turning against law enforcement and is open season on cops:


When Cops treat people bad and are rude, or use violence towards the public, the public will automatically  turn against the cops.




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