Billings Father, Robert Love Steals His Whole Families Identities

October 9, 2017








By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News


Billings man Robert Charles Love was arrested and charged with multiple counts (2) counts of Deceptive Practices, (2) counts of Theft of Identity, (3) Counts of theft


According to  a court hearing, back in September 22, 2016 Ashley Ann Love filed a criminal complaint against her own father with  Billings Police Officer Contreras for the fraudulent use of her identity.  The complaint was against her father Robert Charles Love.



In question were credit cards from Citi Bank, JP Morgan totaling what she believed to be a grand total of over $13,000.


It was learned that Robert Charles Love was living the high life, going on multiple Cruises, expensive hotel rooms, food, paying for his own living expenses and the list goes on and on.


According to Billings Police Detective Ken Paharik the Chase card had been opened on January 6, 2016 and the Citi Card was opened on January 17, 2016.   Robert Love used an email address of to open those credit cards up.


Back in November 7 and 8th of 2016 Detective Paharik talked to Ashley again .  She stated to the Detective that she no longer lives with her father at the address of 3102 Lynn Ave #4 but that sometimes her mail still goes to that address.


She did have a key to access the home she stated, which was given to her by her father when she did live there.  Later she moved back from California to Montana so that she could attend MSU-Billings.  She claims that her father did this type of fraud against other family members also in the past.


She had discovered that her father was to be in Mexico until November 12th.   Later Ashley had gone to the billings bank Well Fargo to get a college loan, and she was denied the loan because her credit score was too low.   This was a shock to her as she had a high credit score when she left California to come to Montana and she had not used her credit for anything between the moves.


Ashley looked into her credit score like the banker advised her to do and discovered a cruise that her father and his girlfriend Stacey Campbell from Laurel took back in August of 2016.  The cruise was to Mexico.


Ashley confronted her father.


Robert Love told his daughter that he had opened up the credit card accounts so that she could use them to fund her college.  Ashley was furious because she had been paying her own way for her college education on her own clear back as far as 2001.  Her father had not helped her pay for any college EVER.


Robert Love has a history of using his family’s social security numbers to open up lines of credit for his pleasure and personal living expenses.  For example:


Robert Love did the same this to his son Clark Love back in 2010 and 2011 when her brother was only 15-years-old.


Robert love did the same thing to Ashley and Clark’s mother Kelly Love during the same time frame as when he stole her credit information.


Robert Love did the same thing to Ashley’s paternal grandparents Will and Becky Love back in 2014 and prior.


Robert Love did the same thing to his ex girl friend Kathy Rogers in 2013 he had charged about $20,000 on that incident.


When Ashley was a freshman in college their family home was and her father’s two personal vehicles were repossessed he then was fired from his job as a pest control supervisor in Northern California for stealing chemicals and using the company gas card for his own use.


Robert Love never used the credit card money for drugs, alcohol or gambling, instead he would use the money on steroids and whatever he wanted he did not have his own money to spend so he would support his living by stealing from his own family.


Max Graham her Insurance man, informed Ashley that her father had placed an extra vehicle on her policy so no she had been paying double issuance premiums without her knowledge.  


This is just the tip of the iceberg as Robert Love left a trail of deceit and identity theft everywhere he went and with everything he did.

More information at a later publication date.

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