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August 30, 2017




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August 29, 2017 ARRESTS: None at this time Total 911 calls – 4 00:25 Disturbance 1708290004 Occurred at Maverik South on 17TH St. , Cody. Saw a female pull out someone on the passenger side of the car, older ford car silver , could hear subjects yelling. . Disposition: Unfounded. *==================================================================== 04:16 Assist other Agency 1708290008 Officer initiated activity at Cody Area, Sheridan AVE/16TH St, Cody. Assisting w/SO incident 1708290007. . Disposition: Unable to Locate. *==================================================================== 06:06 Harassment 1708290011 Occurred on 29TH St, Cody. Wants to press charges against below listed male. RP needs a px. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==================================================================== 07:34 Assist other Agency 1708290013 Officer initiated activity at Koa, Highway 14-16-20 E, Cody. Assisting SO. . Disposition: Unable to Locate. *==================================================================== 08:18 Animal-Stray 1708290018 Occurred on East Carter Ave, Cody. RP has a cat in a trap. . Disposition: To Animal Shelter. *==================================================================== 09:24 Property-Lost 1708290024 Occurred at Maverik North on Big Horn Ave. , Cody. RP lost her debit card Fri night card is from Bank of Bridger. . Disposition: Informational. *==================================================================== 10:13 Citizen Contact 1708290027 Officer initiated activity at Eastside School, 17TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *==================================================================== 10:14 Nuisance Complaint 1708290028 Occurred on Kent Ave, Cody. RP says that there is lots of garbage in the back yard. . Disposition: See Case. *==================================================================== 11:23 Animal-Stray 1708290037 Occurred on Alger Ave, Cody. RP says that there is a pitbull RAL -3rd party. . Disposition: To Animal Shelter. *==================================================================== 11:29 Animal Call - Other 1708290039 Occurred at Stampede AVE/23RD St, Cody. Green house near the intersection-owners are putting food for deer in pots behind the house. . Disposition: Informational. *==================================================================== 11:35 Patrol-Extra 1708290040 Officer initiated activity at Cody High School, 10TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *==================================================================== 11:37 Civil Standby 1708290041 Occurred at Livingston Elementary School on 12TH St. , Cody. RP in the lobby would like to speak with an officer about having a standby to pick up his daughter from the school. He has a court order that she should be in Billings with him. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==================================================================== 12:50 Animal-Stray 1708290051 Occurred on Alger Ave, Cody. Cancel. . Disposition: Cancelled. *==================================================================== 13:16 Patrol-Extra 1708290057 Officer initiated activity at Wal-Mart, Yellowstone Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *==================================================================== 13:47 Motor Vehicle Crash 1708290059 Occurred at Wal-Mart on Yellowstone Ave. , Cody. RP says that when he was at the above location his mirror was damaged. Needs report for insurance. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==================================================================== 13:53 Property Damage 1708290061 Occurred at Cody Area on Sheridan AVE/16TH St. , Cody. RP says that her back window is broken-she doesn't know where or when it happened. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==================================================================== 14:00 Civil Standby 1708290062 Occurred on Pioneer Ave, Cody. RP would a standby as someone picks up property. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==================================================================== 14:02 Intrusion/Holdup 1708290063 Occurred at Advance America on Yellowstone Ave. , Cody. Front door. . Disposition: False Alarm. *==================================================================== 14:09 Animal-Lost 1708290069 Occurred on C St, Cody. Calico cat missing since Sunday , four white feet. . Disposition: Informational. *==================================================================== 15:03 Abandoned Vehicle 1708290080 Occurred at Cody Middle School on Cougar Ave. , Cody. Vehicle has been in the parking lot for several days **C24 stickered vehicle**. . . *==================================================================== 15:06 Abandoned Vehicle 1708290082 Occurred on Twin Creek Trail Ave, Cody. Blue Honda, orange rims , no plates **C05 stickered vehicle**. . . *==================================================================== 15:32 Traffic Stop 1708290087 Officer initiated activity at Fremont Motors - Cody, Big Horn Ave, Cody. TS - Cited for expired DL. . Disposition: Citation Issued. *==================================================================== 15:40 Patrol-Extra 1708290088 Officer initiated activity at Eastside School, 17TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *==================================================================== 15:47 Patrol-Extra 1708290089 Officer initiated activity at Cody Middle School, Cougar Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *==================================================================== 15:50 Traffic Stop 1708290093 Officer initiated activity at Big Horn Ave, Cody. TS - Cited for no MC endorsement, no insurance and warned for FT keep two hands on handle bars. . Disposition: Citation Issued. *==================================================================== 15:51 Patrol-Extra 1708290094 Officer initiated activity at Sunset Elementary School, Sheridan Ave, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *==================================================================== 16:35 Parking Problem 1708290099 Occurred on West Ave, Cody. RP states that some work trucks are parking in front of a fire hydrant. . . *==================================================================== 16:45 Animal-Lost 1708290101 Occurred on Rio Vista Ave, Cody. RP's cat "Elvis" missing since yesterday. Neutered orange & white tabby, no collar but is micro-chipped. RP has already contacted the Shelter. . Disposition: Informational. *==================================================================== 16:46 Child Welfare 1708290102 Occurred at GOOD2GO - 17TH St on 17TH St. , Cody. Headed east on Beck from the above location a child is not in a car seat. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *==================================================================== 19:33 Patrol-Extra 1708290115 Officer initiated activity at Canyon Ave, Cody. ITA T17-061. . Disposition: Completed. *==================================================================== 20:24 Patrol-Extra 1708290118 Officer initiated activity at Beck Lake Park, 14TH St, Cody. . Disposition: Completed. *==================================================================== 21:07 Disturbance 1708290123 Occurred at Wal-Mart on Yellowstone Ave. , Cody. NW side of the above parking lot RP thinks there is a party going on. . Disposition: Unable to Locate. *==================================================================== 22:17 Property-Lost 1708290134 Occurred at Absaroka Bay RV Park on Highway 14-16-20 E. , Cody. RP lost her rose gold iphone 7 w/rose gold case w/a black magnet on the back of case. . .

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