Yellowstone County District Court Criminal And Civil Case Hearings in Front Of Judge Fagg

August 21, 2017





HEARINGS FOR MONDAY 8/21/2017 (PARTIAL TIMES SELECTED) JUDGE RUSSELL C. FAGG 09:41 AM Anderson, Peyton Mitchell DC-56-2016-0000402-IN Appear on Bench Warrant 09:36 AM


COLEMAN, ERNEST DC-56-1995-0000176-IN Petition to Revoke 09:31 AM


Denny, Jessica Lynn DC-56-2017-0000939-IN Arraignment 09:37 AM


Dorsch, Michael Cypria DC-56-2014-0000265-IN Serve PV Papers Set PV Bond 09:37 AM


Dorsch, Michael Cypria DC-56-2014-0000602-IN Serve PV Papers And Set PV Bond 09:35 AM


Easton, Christopher David DC-56-2016-0000447-IN Disposition Hearing 09:36 AM


Fletcher, Yolanda Angela DC-56-2010-0000653-IN Petition to Revoke 09:34 AM


Henkel, Timothy Leroy DC-56-2015-0000740-IN Sentencing 09:31 AM


Hodges, Brandon Michael DC-56-2017-0000938-IN Arraignment 09:36 AM


Hopson, India Iesha DC-56-2015-0000968-IN Petition to Revoke 09:31 AM


Huston, Kimberly Jean DC-56-2017-0000942-IN Arraignment 09:10 AM In RE the Name Change of Mary Milby Miller DV-56-2017-0000943-NC Name Change Hearing 09:04 AM


James Kenneth Poch vs. Carole Jo Poch DR-56-2016-0001427-DU Default Dissolution 09:36 AM


Johnson, Danny Alfred DC-56-2010-0000356-IN Petition to Revoke 09:00 AM


Kathryn Anne Enzminger vs. Stephen Scott Enzminger DR-56-2017-0000144-DU Final Decree 09:41


AM Kueffler, Steven Eugene DC-56-2017-0000678-IN Motion Hearing Motion to Withdraw as Attorney 09:40 AM


Laedeke, Randy Scott DC-56-2017-0000437-IN Status Hearing 09:04 AM


LINDSAY ANN SEVERSON vs. CRAIG MATTHEW SEVERSON DR-56-2000-0000108-DU Motion Hearing Motion to Compel Discovery - called in by KTS


StartTime HEARINGS FOR MONDAY 8/21/2017 (PARTIAL TIMES SELECTED) JUDGE RUSSELL C. FAGG 09:37 AM Maxwell, Travis Wade DC-56-2014-0000856-IN Serve PV Papers and Set PV Bond 09:36 AM


Nelson, Mikayla Eileen DC-56-2017-0000493-IN Revocation of OR Per Judge Knisely 09:36 AM


Nelson, Mikayla Eileen DC-56-2015-0000064-IN Revocation of OR Per Judge Knisely 09:31 AM


Palmer, James Maurice DC-56-2017-0000933-IN Arraignment Email from OPD 8/16/17 09:40 AM


Prettypaint, Roston Nichole DC-56-2017-0000803-IN Status Hearing 09:34 AM


Ranta, Geramy John DC-56-2017-0000181-IN Sentencing 09:38 AM


Roseberry, Michael Ross DC-56-2010-0000493-IN Set PV Bond 09:31 AM


Russell, Brandon Carl DC-56-2017-0000941-IN Arraignment 09:31 AM


Shaver, Jesse Glen DC-56-2017-0000838-IN Arraignment Email from CAO 8/16/17 09:34 AM


Spears, George Kane DC-56-2017-0000421-IN Sentencing 09:36 AM


Spears, George Kane DC-56-2014-0000659-IN Petition to Revoke 09:41 AM


Stevens, Renay Ann DC-56-2017-0000806-IN Motion Hearing Motion to Quash BW 09:31 AM


Turner, Robert Henry DC-56-2017-0000940-IN Arraignment 09:34 AM


Zook, Joshua Douglas DC-56-2016-0001161-IN Sentencing 09:34 AM Zook, Joshua Douglas DC-56-2016-0001158-IN Sentencin

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