Cody Police Department News

August 21, 2017




August 17, 2017 ARRESTS: None at this time. Total 911 calls – 13 *========================================================================= 00:14 Suspicious Activity 1708170001 Officer initiated activity at Walgreens, Sheridan Ave, Cody. Out w/listed vehicle. Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 00:24 Traffic Stop 1708170002 Officer initiated activity at Blair Building, Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS - Driver cited for fts at stop sign. Disposition: Citation Issued. *========================================================================== 01:37 Suspicious Activity 1708170005 Officer initiated activity at Big Horn Ave, Cody. UPS truck headed e/b. Disposition: Informational. *========================================================================== 01:40 Patrol-Extra 1708170006 Officer initiated activity at Duggleby Dr., Cody. Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 01:43 Suspicious Activity 1708170007 Officer initiated activity at Choice Aviation, Duggleby Dr., Cody. 4th hangar down-out with vehicle. Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 01:45 Traffic Stop 1708170008 Officer initiated activity at 21ST St/Stampede Ave, Cody. TS - Driver warned for left of center. Disposition: Warning Issued. *========================================================================== *========================================================================== 05:50 Intrusion/Holdup 1708170013 Occurred on Driver Club, Cody. General entry/exit. Disposition: False Alarm. *========================================================================== 07:02 Traffic Stop 1708170016 Officer initiated activity at Pinnacle Bank (Branch), Yellowstone Ave, Cody. TS - Driver cited for speed. Disposition: Citation Issued. *========================================================================== 07:58 Suspicious Activity 1708170017 Occurred at Shoshone Court Apartments on Pioneer Ave., Cody. RP has a furnace filter removed from apt that has a suspicious substance on it. Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 08:22 Traffic Complaint 1708170019 Occurred at Big Horn Cinemas on Big Horn Ave., Cody. W/b on BH Ave, young, blonde female in blue Ford Escape texting while driving. RP willing to sign compt. Disposition: Unable to Locate. *========================================================================== 08:56 Welfare Check 1708170026 Occurred at GOOD2GO - on Depot Dr., Cody. Male asleep in small red pu at pumps - 11t. Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 09:17 Property-Found 1708170032 Occurred at Yankee Car Wash - East End on Big Horn Ave., Cody. Found CC by machine. Disposition: See Case. *========================================================================== 09:21 Patrol-Extra 1708170033 Officer initiated activity at 11TH St/Beck Ave, Cody. Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 11:07 Safety Hazard 1708170052 Occurred at Fed Ex Depot on 33RD St., Cody. RP works for FedEx ground, said there is a road crew working in area and are partially in the roadway, said she almost hit one of them and advises they need a flagger out there or posted signs in the area. Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 12:16 Miscellaneous Assistance 1708170058 Occurred at 11TH St/South Fork Ave, Cody. Older Corvair- dark blue stalled on the hill. Disposition: Gone On Arrival. *========================================================================== 12:47 Animal-Stray 1708170060 Occurred at Juby’s Trailer Court on 19TH St., Cody. Grey long hair cat-in custody, wants it taken to shelter (taken to Shelter by C11). Disposition: To Animal Shelter. *========================================================================== 14:22 Auto Burglary 1708170086 Occurred at Cody Area on Sheridan AVE/16TH St., Cody. Delayed, RP in the lobby reporting medications stolen out of vehicle. *========================================================================== *========================================================================== 15:22 Animal-Stray 1708170096 Occurred at Keegan & Winslow Law Firm on Bleistein Ave., Cody. Corgi wandered into the office, thinks it might be from the dog spa. Disposition: Returned to Owner. *========================================================================== 15:26 Patrol-Extra 1708170097 Officer initiated activity at Wal-Mart, Yellowstone Ave., Cody. Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 15:33 Animal Call - Other 1708170100 Occurred at 11TH St Hill on South Fork Ave., Cody. Baby deer struck- by cement barrier on the right side. *========================================================================== 16:32 Parking Problem 1708170107 Occurred at Us Bank on Beck Ave., Cody. Motorhome parked in front of bank blocking eb lane of travel on Beck Ave. Disposition: Citation Issued. *========================================================================== 17:42 Traffic Stop 1708170118 Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS- FTS @ STP sign. Disposition: Warning Issued. *========================================================================== 17:58 Traffic Stop 1708170119 Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS - Driver warned for speed. Disposition: Warning Issued. *========================================================================== 19:42 Traffic Stop 1708170130 Officer initiated activity at 12TH St River Access, 12TH St, Cody. TS - Driver warned for no valid reg. Disposition: Warning Issued. *========================================================================== 19:57 Extra Patrol Request 1708170131 Occurred on Central Ave, Cody. RP just had renters evicted and would like an extra patrol on the residence until the locks can be changed. Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 20:13 Traffic Stop 1708170133 Officer initiated activity at Canyon View Ave, Cody. TS - Driver cited for no insurance, warned for no valid registration, driving on dealer plates. Disposition: Citation Issued. *========================================================================== 21:21 Traffic Stop 1708170141 Officer initiated activity at Sheridan Ave, Cody. TS - Driver warned for failure to stop at sign. Disposition: Warning Issued. *========================================================================== 21:33 Patrol-Extra 1708170142 Officer initiated activity at 13TH St/Beck Ave, Cody. Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 21:38 Traffic Stop 1708170145 Officer initiated activity at 12TH St/Beck Ave, Cody. TS - Driver Cited for no valid insurance, C18 advised that she was negative DUI. Disposition: Citation Issued. *========================================================================== *========================================================================== 22:00 Patrol-Extra 1708170150 Officer initiated activity at Central Ave, Cody. Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 22:06 Traffic Stop 1708170151 Officer initiated activity at 29TH St, Cody. TS - Driver warned for a "stop lamp" out. Disposition: Warning Issued. *========================================================================== 22:32 Warrant Service Attempt 1708170153 Officer initiated activity at Beck Ave, Cody. Warrant Attempt - take two. Disposition: See Case. *========================================================================== 22:32 Assist Other Agency 1708170154 Officer initiated activity at Beck Ave, Cody. Assisting 1112. Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 22:32 Traffic Stop 1708170155 Officer initiated activity at 19TH St, Cody. TS - warning for failure to stop at stop sign. Disposition: Warning Issued.

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