Missoula / Frenchtown Man, Jamison Daniel Richmond Arrested And Charged With Attempted Murder Of His Estranged Wife And Her Ex-Husband

August 15, 2017



 by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Missoula / Frenchtown man, Jamison Daniel Richmond Attempted to commit the murder of two people.   Richmond was charged with the attempted murder of his estranged wife and her friend.


According to a court hearing, Jamison Richmond had broken into his wife’s home and her ex-husband and threatened to kill them with a gun.


According to the 911 call, Jamison Richmond’s ex-wife called to report that her estranged husband, Richmond, was walking up the driveway with a gun, and that Richmond already fired one shot outside of her home as he was walking up the driveway to kill her.


Jamison Daniel Richmond drove a blue Mercury Marquis which is still titled to his Estranged wife who he intended to kill.


Deputy Holchhalter arrived on the scene and spoke with Richmond’s estranged wife and her ex-husband.  Jamison Richmond currently has a TRO that was filed against him.   The day of July 5, 2017 at 7:15 a.m. Richmond violated that TRO order.


Jamison Richmond entered the house and made his way to the bedroom where his estranged wife was at with her ex-husband.  Upon entering the bedroom, he yelled at his estranged wife stating, “ You ruined my life.”  Richmond’s estranged wife got out of bed and as she approached Richmond, Richmond struck his estranged wife in the forehead with the butt of the revolver that he was holding in his right hand.


Jamison Richmond the pointed the revolver at his estranged wife’s chest and pulled the trigger.  The revolver made a clicking sound and for some reason did not fire a bullet.


Then Jamison Richmond pointed the revolver at his estranged wife’s ex-husband and once again pulled the trigger on the revolver.   This time the revolver discharged a bullet.


Fortunately for the ex-husband, Richmond’s estranged wife stepped once again in the line of fire throwing her hands up in the air as to knock Jamison’s hands up as he fired the weapon. 


This caused the discharge to fire into the ceiling above the bed that her ex-husband was laying in.

Jamison Richmond, then just calmly walked out of the bedroom and out of the house.  According to both of the victims, the description of the revolver was a black .38 caliber “long nose” revolver.


Missoula Detectives Voloinkaty and Johnston arrived on the scene along with the crime truck.  


Detective Johnston and Voloinkaty discovered a bullet hole in the ceiling just above the bed and the hole was the correct size of a .38 caliber projectile.


The bullet traveled into the attic, in the South East corner of the attic.  The bullet exited into the sheet rock of the ceiling.  The actual bullet was never recovered as it appeared that the bullet exited out of the home through the roof leaving no bullet for the detectives to find.


Detectives were able to find out that the both the victims feared that that Jamison would come and kill them.  And they were correct Jamison Richmond did attempt to kill both of them.  However, that early morning, luck was on their side and both victims survived the attack by Richmond.


Richmond was arrested and detained for the attempted murder of his estranged wife and her ex-husband.


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