Keeping One's Word

August 1, 2017



By: Mark Jackson investigative reporter for Montana News

Syndicated by Montana News

Have you ever wondered how important is it to keep you word?


We live in a society, where people vow to keep their word but as soon as it becomes inconvenient for them they will change their mind like yesterday's dirty underwear.


You may chuckle when you hear that statement but anyone knows, if it was someone who broke a promise to them it is very disheartening.


What are some of the vows that people break?


Marriage vows are at the top of the list.


How many people have recited their wedding vows to love and respect their mate, to cherish them in sickness and in health only to break it for trivial matter.


What about for irreconcilable differences, which could mean the most silliest of reasons such as their mate snoring, chewing with their mouth open, not squeezing the tube of toothpaste correctly, and yes, the mention of the dirty underpants again tossed on the floor. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going? *Please see asterisk below.


People make promises as quick as they break them. I promise I will be there such and such time. I will return your week but never returns it.


What about people performing a job task in expectation of a payment for their services? When it is time for payment, perhaps the person dodges you, avoids the issue or worse cannot be found.


Have you ever been stood up after someone promised to be there to pick you up at a certain time?


The list can go on and on, describing the varies promises that people make to one another.


What does the Bible say about breaking our vow to our fellow humans? More importantly, what does the Bible say about breaking our vow to our Creator.


Please turn to Matthew 5:37.-Just let your yes mean he's and your no no, for what goes beyond that is from the wicked one....Who is the wicked one that the Bible speaks about? For the answer, please turn to 1 John 5:19.


Satan is the Father of the lie. When we lie which is what it is when we break a vow, we in essence are children of the wicked one, Satan the Devil. -John 8:44


Now about the vow we have made to God. What does He say about breaking our voe to Him. Please turn to Deuteronomy 23:21. Also please see, Proverbs 20:22 and Ecclesiastes 5:5.


What do you gather from reading these verses? 


*Malachi 2:16; Matthew 19:9; Mark 10:11.


You the reader,  decide for yourself.


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