Billings CPS Worker Lona M Forman Quietly Resigns, Why?

July 20, 2017


Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from.   


Syndicated by: Montana News

by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Billings Montana --//MNA Press//--Why is yet another high profile CPS child protection specialist resigning so quietly? 


On one hand this CPS Case worker masquerades hers self to the public as a person who cares for families, but according to the Montana News Investigation team,  No such “caring for families” can even be attributed to Lona M. Forman.   Countless innocent families have been torn apart by this CPS woman.


Although the official stance of the Billings CPS office is that the worker is “changing titles”, Montana News inside CPS sources, have confirmed  to the Montana News Investigative reporters, that CPS case worker Lona M. Foreman will no longer be employed or in anyway affiliated with the state of Montana or DPHHS.


So if this “transition” was planned, why were child protection cases being issued to this worker as recently as 6-12-17? And why we’re not all of the families involved in said cases informed of her abrupt departure from the department?


A  Media investigation  discovered  that the Billings CPS DPHHS office hired her without a background check that if done properly, would have or should have disqualified the worker Lona M. Forman as an employee of DPHHS (State).


 IF......, this is the grounds for her resignation why was she hired, and entrusted with the protection of children in the first place and allowed to rein terror on so many families, accusing innocent fathers and mother with falsehoods and then coming in and taking their children away under herself imposed power play that in fact, Lona M. Foreman, knew was  false.?


Transparency has been a recurring issue within the Montana State DPHHS department, especially when it comes to accountability.


So who is the department accountable to?


Apparently they think they are accountable to no one, unfortunately for them, they are accountable to you, us, We the people.


Our questions deserve answers, our children deserve better.


In just one of many cases that this CPS worker has wreaked havoc on is a young man and his wife.   this may have been her last case that the Montana News Investigative reporters  are aware of.


Their may be more that the Media have not discovered yet.


In this report that she filed Lona M. Forman made crazy allegations that the young man and his wife are in a volatile relationship and she lists (4) facts as her basis for her “founded” report. 


Yet in these allegations that she makes, the so call facts   are very cloudy and not clear. 


At one point Lona M. Forman makes a reference to Law Enforcement reports.    That was her mistake.  The Montana News was curious about those so called “Law Enforcement Reports.”too.


The Montana News Investigative reporter obtained those “Law Enforcement Reports” that Lona M. Forman alludes to and lo and behold, there was NO violent activity, and NO Volatile relationship between the young man and his wife at all.  Police report#000-11876 and Police report#000-12386.


Yet this crazed State CPS worker Lona M. Forman claimed  her CPS report as factual that due to the police reports she has “Founded” facts of  “Physical Neglect.” So she names all (4) of the children.


Fact is CPS worker Lona M. Forman lied…….just made up lies…. Because the Montana News has those police reports in our possession and they do NOT allude to anything that CPS worker Lona M. Forman alleges  and certainly none of the police reports say anything about "physical Neglect of children. "       WOW…   CPS worker, Lona M. Forman, Your dead caught.


Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from.   




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