Free Love Isn't Really Free Any Longer. Free Love Comes With A High Price, Your Health

July 9, 2017




By: Nicole Allen Investigative reporter for Montana News 

In the age of free love, comes the ramifications which can cause severe adverse effects.


Gonorrhea* is on the rise. (please see asterisk below)


Diseases that once were easily treated with a dose of penicillin, are not so easy to treat anymore.


The World Health Organization reports that data from 77 different countries, demonstrate that this particular strain of Gonorrhea is resistant to antibiotics.


Approximately 78 million are infected with the STD. 


Statistics show that Gonorrhea affects more women than men. 


The effects of Gonorrhea when left untreated in the case of women,  show that it can spread into the uterus and fallopian tubs, causing pelvic inflammatory disease or (PID)which may result in scarring of the tubes, greater risk of pregnancy complications such as miscarriage including infertility.


if the unborn baby contracts the disease during delivery, the results show that  the baby can  become blind.


It is standard procedure that all babies be treated with medicated eye drops or ointments, very shortly after birth.


Symptoms of Gonorrhea are vaginal or penile discharge, burning pain during urination, spotting and pain during intercourse.


With anal infection, you might have a discharge, itching, or pain when you move your bowels. 


The organs that are affected by Gonorrhea, are not just the genitals. The eyes can be affected(which can lead to blindness )People who engage in oral, anal sex develop the disease in the throat and the rectum according to the World Health Organization.


Free love isn't really free any longer. Free love comes with a very high price to pay. 



Last but not least, a person who practices morality is free from the physical, mental and emotionally anguish that promiscuity brings. 


Unfortunately you don't have to be promiscuous to get infect with Gonorrhea. You can be a faithful spouse to a cheating partner, yet still contract the disease.


Or you can be in a committed relationship but your partner failed to get tested before engaging in intimacy with you.


*Gonorrhea is also called the clap.




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