Congress Man Greg Gianforte; Montana Voters Voted For You, Which Meant, Montana Voters Ignored Liberal Media Slant

June 12, 2017



    (Photo Courtesy Of Greg Gianforte For Congress Website)


Dear Montana News, I have a letter I would like to be printed in  the Montana News to counter the Billings Gazette liberal slant against Greg Gianforte.


A story by John Maxwell. 

A group of monkeys were locked in a room with a pole at the center. Some luscious, ripe bananas were placed on top of the pole. When a  monkey would begin to climb the pole, the experimenters would knock him off with a blast of water from a fire hose. Each time a monkey would climb, off he would go, until all the monkeys had been knocked off repeatedly, thus learning that the climb was hopeless.


The experimenters then observed that the other primates would pull down any monkey trying to climb. They replaced a single monkey with one who didn't know the system. As soon as the new guy tried to climb, the others would pull him down and punish him for trying.


One by one, each monkey was replaced and the scene repeated until there were no monkeys left in the room that had experienced the fire hose. Still, none of the new guys were allowed to climb. The other monkeys pulled them down. Not one monkey in the room knew why, but none were allowed to get the bananas. 


We are not primates. We are human beings. Sometimes people act like these monkeys. Case in point; Greg Gianforte. He found himself in trouble for stopping a bullying situation. Is it against the law to stop bullies? No! He was defending his position and the reporter was bullying him and not taking no for an answer. Now when Mr. Gianforte defended his rights he was condemned. 


 The people of Montana have voted. We gave a vote that says we want this man as our congressman and that as he was willing to defend his right and position against the bulling attention that he was taking; so we as Montanans voted for our assurance that he will stand up to defend us as Montanans in Congress.


All outside opinions have no vote here and should cease. Most letters to the editor are not us as Montanans.  Open the gates and let the man go through and let his time to defend us as Montanans begin. No more bullying.


Elaine Llewellyn, Billings




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