Worden Montana Man, David Irwin Stoner Arrested On Two Counts Of Assault With a Weapon, Using A Knife With The Intent To Stab a Father And His Daughter

June 5, 2017




by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Worden Montana man David Irwin Stoner arrested and charged with two counts of Assault with a Weapon.  David Stoner on June 3, 2017 at about 9:00 p.m. was at the location of 2770 North 25th Road in Worden Montana.   A call came into the 911 dispatch that a reported assault just took place at the residence with a man who was waving a knife and trying to stab a woman and another man.


Yellowstone County Deputy Gibbs and Sgt Taylor responded to the scene.   When the Deputies arrived at the crime scene, Stoner told the Deputies that a woman and her father held him down and beat him up.  David Stoner was highly intoxicated and was having difficulty remembering what all took place that evening.


Stoner did tell the deputies that he ran to a camper and grabbed a knife to defend himself.

Deputy Gibbs and Sgt Taylor made contact with the daughter and father and Challis Nace and took statement from all three individuals.


Challis Nace reported that he saw Stoner coming to his residence on a four wheeler with his dog and that this caused all his chickens to get loose.


 Nace got into David Stoners face and then pushed Stoner away from himself and left on his own 4 wheeler.


Nace told the deputies that David Stoner was causing problems the last few days and finally he was told to get his things and to leave.


According to the daughter that goes by the initials of B.J.S. she stated that Stoner went to his camper and then came back out with the knife waving it in a threatening manner. 


She was standing on the porch of her father’s house when she saw Stoner approach her father with the knife and then hold the knife up to her father’s face and stated, “If you want to stare at me, I’ll stab you too.”


The daughter B.J.S. then swung into action to keep her father from being stabbed by David Stoner.   She got behind Stoner and grabbed him around his arms from behind to prevent Stoner from stabbing her father.


She then wrestled Stoner to the ground.  Stoner then tried to stab her and yelled “I’m going to stab you too, bitch.”


The father who goes by the initials of S.L.S. told Sgt Taylor that during the struggle he stepped on the David Stoner’s hand in order to get the knife away from Stoner.  Once he got the knife away from Stoner, he backed off and let Stoner get up.  Stone immediately charged both him and his daughter.  They feared that Stoner was going to get the knife and stab both of them.  They feared for their life and serious bodily injury from Stoner.


Deputies apprehended David Stoner without incident and took Stoner to the Yellowstone County jail.


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