3,500 Jehovah Witness Delegates Meet At The Rim Rock Auto Arena For 3 Days

June 4, 2017




by: Investigative reporter Donald Cyphers

Syndicated by: Montana News

International Jehovah’s Witnesses hold a Regional Convention in Billings Montana Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The event was held at the Rim Rock Auto Arena at the Metra Park located at 308 6th Ave North.


This very well orchestrated event  went off without any glitches  and was attended by around 3,300 to 3,500 delegates that were from many places both close to Billings and faraway.  Many  delegates from Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota were present for what was billed as “Don’t Give Up!” theme which was held during the three-day event.


The 2017 event discussed how their God,  “Jehovah” supplies endurance to all sorts of people both in the biblical days of ancient and the modern times of today.  They back this up with the bible verse of Romans 15:5


During the event the speakers talked about how to discover the “Bible” and how even nature teaches lessons to humans about how to endure.


This event was open to the public whether a Jehovah Witness or just John Doe and Suzie Q.


The Delegate attendees would line up for blocks to enter into the Rim Rock Auto Area to hear the message that was being given.   It was very orderly as the delegates would filter in and filter out of the building and the parking lot.


A polite, calmness was with these delegates. 


A sense of orderly fashion was their behavior as the event moved people in and out of the building and parking lot as if they had practiced this over and over.


The Jehovah Witnesses are an International organization of Christians who in this event stood up for God, who they call “Jehovah”, and talked about the Son, who they call “Jesus Christ.”   As the Investigative reporter walked through the building, one could hear them talking about Bible principles, purpose of life, promoting strong family ties and trying to be productive and honest citizens.


This may explain the quiet orderly calm  that was on display as the delegates filtered in and out.


According to empirical data that the Montana News investigative reporter was able to find, Jehovah Witnesses are in approximately 245 Lands and have an estimation of 8,340,982 people who claim to be Jehovah Witnesses.


Their bible that they use has been written in about 895 languages worldwide.


This group of people put strong emphases on their youth. 



They have a concern for the welfare of young people and children.   The Jehovah Witnesses back this up with the bible verses of Psalm 110:3; Ecclesiastes 11:9, 10 where “JESUS” also showed a particular interest in the little ones  They also reference the bible verses of 1 Timothy 4:12 and Matthew 19:14


This event  is also held in various areas of the United States in Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, French, Greek, Hatian Creole, Hindi, Iloko, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Persian, Russian, and Portuguese speaking communities.


It would appear that  Jehovah Witnesses seek and follow what they called the “Spirit” both in  daily public and personal lives that they live, work and play with different people of religious beliefs, yet they enjoy a cordial relationship with others who do not believe what they believe or are from different religions.


Qualities that were obvious to the Montana News Investigative reporter, were that they believe  in love, Biblical wisdom, Spiritual justice, and power of their Jehovah, God whom they believe that Gods word to this day gives one practical advice on how to live.


They back this belief up with the following versus of Ephesians 5:33, and Chapter 6:4; Matthew 5:3; and Chapter 7:12 and also Psalms 119:105 and John 17:17 .


Whether one believes in what the Jehovah Witnesses believe in is strictly up to the reader, but are they on to something?  You the reader decide for yourself.



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