Kenneth J. Seccomb Under The Legal Gun For His Lies And Deciet To The Billings Municipal Court and The Billings Police Department: Plaintiff's Counsel Zooming In On Ken Seccomb

May 31, 2017


                                                          Picture of Kenneth J. Seccomb

By: Donald Cyphers Investigative Reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings Mt may 31, 2017--//mna press//--Billings man Kenneth J Seccomb, has been sent Interrogatories by the Plaintiff's Counsel for the wrongful arrest of Richard B. Darling due to the lies that Kenneth Seccomb told the Billings Police and the Billings Municipal  City Court.  (City Court Dismissed the TRO violation and arrest of Richard Darling because Kenneth Seccomb lied not only to the Billings City Court regarding the TRO but also lied to the Billings Police Department when he filed a false police report which caused the detainment and arrest of an innocent man, Richard  B. Darling.


The City of Billings as also been sent a copy of interrogatories to answer in this case since they are also a defendant who relied on the lies and deceit of Kenneth Seccomb.


Seccomb was asked the following questions in the interrogatories, some of them  are as follows:


  1.  Do you own your own home or are you a renter?

  2. Do you have liability insurance policy, either as a homeowner or a renter’s policy which contains liability indemnification provisions? If so please set forth the name of the insurance company, the policy number and produce a copy of the declaration of coverage’s.

  3. Please set forth, in detail, the basis for your contention in your affirmative defense that Richard B. darling made statements to the police that were untrue, identifying each statement, that date upon which the statement was made, to whom the statement was made, and the basis for your assertion that said statement was untrue.

  4. In your affirmative defenses, you state that an damages caused to the Plaintiff (Richard B. Darling) were caused by the actions of other parties over which you had not control.   Please identify such other parties, and the manner and method in which you assert they caused the Plaintiff (Richard B. Darling) damage.

  5. In your sworn petition for temporary order of protection and request for hearing signed by you on July 27, 2016, and issued by the Court on August 3, 2016, you assert that the plaintiff (Richard B. Darling) was under investigation for theft of a storage unit in Butte, Montana.  Please set forth , in detail, the basis for your allegations fo theft as to the Plaintiff )Richard B. Darling) and provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any and all witnesses who will support your contention that the Plaintiff committed theft upon a storage unit.


Now the Plaintiff's counsel for Richard B. Darling asked for the proof of what Kenneth Seccomb is claiming.  The Montana News Investigative reporter has discovered that Seccomb has no proof and made up lies which resulted in the arrest of an innocent man Richard B. Darling.  More on that later.



Request for Production:

  1. In your sworn petition, you assert that there was an ongoing investigation in Butte, Silver Bow County, concerning Plaintiff and Bennett Johnson stealing items from your storage unit.  Please produce copies of all information relating to said ongoing investigation, including any and all officers involved in the investigation and the result of that investigation.

  2. In connection with your allegations of theft from your storage unit, what items of personal property do you maintain the Plaintiff would have stolen from said storage unit?

  3. What was the final result of the police investigation based upon your complaint of theft against the Plaintiff?

  4. You stated in your sworn petition that you feared for the safety of your possessions.  Please set forth in detail the reasons why you believe your possessions were unsafe, and the basis upon which you were fearful for your possessions.

10.  In your sworn statement, you stated that you feared for y our own      safety, assuming you mean physical safety.  Please set forth in detail the basis for you fear for your safety, setting forth any threats or overt physical actions taken by the Plaintiff towards you. Or that you construed as a threat of physical harm.


11. You state in your verified sworn statement that you made a report of July 20, 2016, which set forth your concern about “harassment.” Please describe the event which you consider harassment.  Please produce a copy of saud report with C & O numbers 2016-00047282 and 2016-00048564.



The Plaintiff's counsel continues to push for Kenneth Seccomb to give ANY TYPE of proof to back up his false allegations.  Knowing the fact that the City Municipal Court dismissed the case against Richard B. Darling due to the fact that Ken Seccomb lied to the court, lied to the Billings Police department and apparently is lying to his own attorney, which in this case IS, Kenneth Seccomb who is representing himself.


It's  apparent to anybody that looks into this story, that Ken Seccomb is mad as hell that he lost Benette Johnson his former fiancée to an older, more wiser stable man, Richard B. Darling that is at least 30 years his senior.


 It appears that Seccomb is trying to discredit the Plaintiff in the eyes of his former Fiancee and mother of his child.


Remember that Ken Seccomb is in a battle to gain custody of his minor child, but even the Judge ruled in that case against Ken Seccomb.  Then Ken Seccomb tried to get and expand more visitation with his baby girl, but the Mediator/judge ruled against Seccomb in that case also. 


And the request for production of documents continue.


 Let’s see how Ken Seccomb works his way out of this Law Suit for having an innocent man jailed based on Seccomb’s lies and deceit to the Billings Municipal Court and to the Billings Police, when Seccomb  filed a false police report, knowing in advance that he was lying to the Billings Police Officers about an innocent man Richard B. Darling.


Richard B. Darling has NO criminal record, and was at one time Federal employee for the Home Land Security/TSA so he had no crime records at all.


 Richard B. Darling HAS CREDIBILITY, of which the Billings Municipal Court  and the Billings Police Department already recognizes.


But in the perspective of Kenneth Seccomb, he clearly has NO credibility, based on the Police records of what he claimed that turned out to be TOTALLY FALSE.    The question for the viewers is, will the District Court hold Kenneth Seccomb accountable for his lies to City Court and the Billings Police Department?  that caused the arrest of an innocent man, Richadr B. Darling?    Time will tell.


There is an Order Setting Trial in Judge Todd’s Court room with a trail by  jury set for April 23rd 2018 at 9:00 a.m. as case #2.  The City of Billings who is also a defendant in this case, DID arrest on False information provided by Kenneth Seccomb.  More than likely, the City will settle their end of this case.   It will be interesting to see what Kenneth Seccomb will do or say regarding this case against him.  As more information comes to light, the Montana News will bring that information forward for our viewers.


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