Billings Man Scott Alan Siemers Arrested And Charged with Assault On A Minor

May 23, 2017



By: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings Man Scott Alan Siemers was arrested and charged with assault on a minor, being his son.  According to District Court Information Scott Siemers born December 1989 caused bodily injury to a victim his son, age 7, and who was under the age of 14 years of age.


Scott Allan Siemers is a 27 years old adult.  This alleged incident happen at the address of 1609 Wicks Lane in Billings.


The witnesses on part of the State of Montana are the following people:  Billings Police Detective Michael Protain,  Billings Police Officer Solorio,  Billings Clinic, Dr. James Miller.


Child Protective Services Case worker kasia Harvey and Child Advocacy Center Forensic interviewer Kyle McCall.


The Victim who is age (7)


Mary Lou Affleck the Great Grandmother to the victim.

Mary Jane Falconer Grandmother to the victim.

Larry Siemers father of the Defendant Scott Alan Siemers


This all happened on January 30, 2017 according to Law Enforcement records.

Billings Police Officer Solorio responded to a call from the Billings Clinic Emergency room for a suspicious injury call.  


Once Officer Solorio made contact with the 7 year old victim and both the little boy’s grandmothers.  Grandmother Mary Jane Falconer, told Officer Solorio that the boy was hurt by his father.  Falconer stated that she was asked by the mother of the little boy to come pick him up as “She was tired of him and wanted him out of the home.”


Mary Jane Falconer, picked her grandson up near the address of 1609 Wick lane and observed that the little boy was crying and that he had his backpack on.  When Falconer asked her grandson what had happened and why was he crying, the little boy told his grandmother that “h hurt me really bad” and that he was having a hard time breathing.   The boy then told his grandmother that “Dad hurt me, he stepped on me.”


As the grandmother and her grandson arrived at the grandmother’s home, they inspected the little boy for any injuries and observed red markings on his lower neck area and also his chest.  Both the Great Grandmother Mary Lou Affleck, and the Grandmother Mary Jane Falconer took the little boy to the Billings Clinic.


The Billings Clinic Dr. James Miller observed some bruising on the victim’s chest and some anterior neck contusions.  The Dr proscribed Tylenol and Ibuprofen for the victim according to records.


Billings Police Officer Solorio took pictures for evidence and took statements from both grandmothers that the little boy has been the brunt end of what they described as “Long-term abuse.”


From there the case was assigned to Billings Detective Protain to follow-up and Child Protection Services caseworker Kasia Harvey was to make the arrangements for a forensic interview of the victim.


Almost a month later, on Feb 24, 2017.  Forensic interviewer Kyle McCall interviewed the minor child.

In that interview, the facts arose that prior to this incident, back in December of 2016 that the little boy got into trouble with his mother for not reading a book that she ordered him to read.


The victim claims that his father Scott Alan Siemers came into his bedroom, grabbed him and threw him down onto the floor and said, “so you think your tough.” Then his father Scott, stomped on his chest with his foot making it  hard for him to breathe and that it blocked his lungs.  The victim told his mother of what just had happened and his mother got angry and made him apologize to his father.  Then his mother and father kicked him out of the house, so he had his grandmother come pick him up.


According to Scott Alan’s father, Larry Siemers, he told Billings Detective that his son told him that Scott stated that the victim was throwing a fit so he restrained him. 


Larry Siemers was not sure how the little boy was restrained.  When the Detective approached Scott Siemers, Scott and the mother Samantha Siemers refused to talk to the Billings Detective.


In a text message that the Montana News investigative reported located, written by the mother Samantha Siemers  and that was written on or about March 1, 2017  


 Samantha stated in her text message the following:

“Going through a pretty hard trial in my life.  Blood is not thicker then water.  Family had done nothing but sabotage me and Scott’s success and being parents.  We’ve got our world taken from us.  We have no support system and being punished for that mentally, physically and lawfully.  I will never be the same.”


According to Billings Police Detective Michael Protain report, he received information that some in that household experience a lot of abuse that goes unreported.




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