Letter From Mother Who Won Against CPS

May 2, 2017



Dear Mr. Cyphers...


Thank you and the Montana News crew for all of your assistance!


A little bit about me...I have dealt with police harassment, intimidation, slander, etc., This has put a terrible strain on my husband and I, and our marriage. I have ran the gamut of emotions from anger, to sadness to despondency...I had to be cool calm and collective because I didn't want to bring reproach on my Heavenly Father, Jehovah's name, Matthew chapter 5...Jesus said his followers would be persecuted and we would be hailed in front of government officials. My conduct had to be exemplary so that I could bring praise and honor to Jehovah's great and Holy name...I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses(please see Jw.org..)Christians are at times persecuted, hated and brought before government officials, just as our Lord Jesus stated at Matthew 10:18 and 24:9,10


This matter has taken such a toll on my health.  I am just utterly exhausted and emotionally tapped out...CPS, the PD department and the hospital staff,  have all taught me that the very people that we are suppose to trust to care for us and are children, are the most corruptive, destructive and deceptive entities that will split our families into...The very people that I sought out to help me with my child, have been the very ones who took him away. They were the very ones who put a nail in my coffin, so to speak. (They) have demonstrated that we cannot trust such entities, for their whole moral compass is way off kilter..I have dealt with police intimidation, harassment etc., from these Vipers.


I want to thank Montana News Crew, especially the man as I have affectionally known as, 'Mr Donald for nailing this corrupt CPS supervisor named Jessica Owens. She presented herself to me as a sweet trustworthy, very beautiful and mild tempered woman. How wrong was my perception of her! She turned out to be a vicious poisonous snake or a wolf in sheep's clothing, who was as wicked as they come...She gave me the impression that she was there to  demonstrate 'understanding, and 'sympathy', but I soon discovered she was out to sail me up the river...I knew something was fishy when she repeatedly told me that I didn't have to come to the removal hearing. I was thinking to myself, 'she is nuts because this is my life, my SONS' life that she is talking about here, and she is telling that I DO NOT have to be present!...Well to her chagrin I was present!  I found out later that day why she didn't want me to be present in court. She slaughtered my reputation, slandered my good name, maligned me to the greatest extent that a person could possibly do to another human being...I was innocent of their bogus claims of emotional abuse, but they would not hear me,(or that crooked court appointed Atty. FYI don't trust them. They are working for the same people that are trying to take your kid(s))nor would allow me to present the documents to prove my innocence(or for the judge for That matter. The Judge should not have even presided on my case because it was a conflict of interest. Long story, which has something to do with knowing my husband and a indirect way. 


I found solace and understanding with the folks at Montana News. Mr. Donald always listened intently to me, was always respectful and never never, treated me like I was guilty.


Anytime I called, he always stopped what he was doing to hear my concerns and took the time out to provide the necessary support that I very much needed at such a low point in my life...


The folks at Montana News were responsible for causing this so called sweet beautiful lady to resign...The same day I had my appeal hearing with the CPS officer, investigative reporter Mr. Donald, was present in another room, presenting the 'facts' he discovered, that proved she was a dirty low down rotten scoundrel. She had no other choice than to resign...Like dominoes lined up, knock one down and they all fall down(Mr Donald's words). That is exactly what has happened. The wicked CPS supervisor resigned along with most of the crooked staff at the hospital...


I am pleased to say I have been exonerated of the accusation of emotional abuse that they unfairly and feloniously labeled me. They (CPS) had me labeled an abuser(emotional abuse) and had me on their registry for 18 long years...I constantly cried when I would look at children(kids really love me and are drawn to me). I would constantly feel dirty(like a leper)and would always have in mind that if people knew what they said I supposedly done to my own son, they would label me as a child abuser, and then I would be ostracized, persecuted or worse. I felt so ashamed, even though I wasn't guilty of this. I prayed to God to take this label off of my name.... I had to put the children's book that I wrote on hold. Why? I was afraid they would Google my name and find out my dirty little secret...I felt unworthy of being a minister or even visiting the seniors at the nursing hospital(I enjoyed going to the nursing hospitals (as my health allows)and painting the ladies fingernails just to make them feel beautiful, to make them smile and feel good even just for a little while). I didn't go as often because I was in constant dread that they would run my plates and find out I was a so called, 'abuser'.( This ordeal has also caused my illness to progress. My pain level was a 9-10, constantly due to the stress of being embroiled in this mess.


I want to put a good word out for MontanasNews.tv   I could never have accomplished this on my own accord...I give Jehovah God praise, 1st and foremost. 2nd, I give the Montana News crew under the direction of Mr. Donald, a thumbs up for helping me in this difficult time in my life, and lastly I tapped into strength I never knew I had which has made me stronger...If anyone is looking for assistance in exposing these crooked CPS workers, please seek the assistance of Montana News. They are awesome! They expose these wicked imps of Satan the Devil for what they are! If you just want to donate to their organization, please do so, because they are really helping innocent parents get their children back home where they need to be for free by exposing them, thanks to Mr. Donald of Montana News.


I encourage you all to hang in there. Be strong for your children so that you can continue to fight to bring them home...My son was almost 18 so he didn't want to come home(He was instrumental in getting these charge levied against me by lying, telling them people I had abused him). He was a straight A, happy and well adjusted kid until he decided that he didn't want to live in my religious home anymore, because he wanted to live a life of debauchery... My son played along with their dirty little game so he could obtain his freedom( they alleged emotional abuse in response to my threating a lawsuit against them because my son was getting worse in their facility. They refused to let me take him home so I could explore in home care or getting him transferred into a better facility because they wanted to assist him to become emancipated by enrolling in the independent living program, away from his loving mother which they painted as the big bad wolf...The hospital had a horrible wrap sheet consisting of 6 articles on the internet, believe it or not for what they were accusing me of, emotional...The rap sheet consisted of children being abused, rape, a boy got herpes, and other shocking revelations!.. .If I had of exposed them of their dirty little secret they would have been exposed, and ultimately shut down)...My son, thanks to them, is currently a bonafide Satanist, smh...Everything that I taught him from the Bible, went right out the window when these corrupt agents of Satan got a hold on him.


Last but not least, I will pray for each and everyone of you! One day soon God will annihilate all the wicked and the righteous will inherit the earth, Psalms 37:9,11... Be encouraged, be blessed!



Best of wishes!


Mrs R.

P.S. I won't include my whole name for privacy reasons...Also, I am going to pursue a suit against them so I want to remain anonymous at this time until my attorney files a Law Suit against CPS.  Thanks again for helping me.


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