Letter To Montana Governor Bullock And His Response

April 25, 2017



Dear Governor Bullock,


I enclose another youtube that specifically addresses your above comments. As a concerned citizen and native of Montana I request that you listen to this youtube. It has my thoughts on the subject of the Senate Bill 97. Why did you veto this bill without letting the public be aware of it? Everyone should have a vote in this decision. I beg you to put it back into the Senate and House for a re-vote or at least a re-evaluation. To this aim I submit this YouTube to you as things progress concerning the subject you will not be allowed to say I did not know.



I want to submit firsthand experience that happened for my wife while she was living in Nigeria. Her words.

 I lived in an area of Jos Nigeria with an International Health Care Program. During that time an election was taking place to implement Sharia Law into the state. The Muslim tribe trucked in there people from out of that state to vote in the election illegally. The Christian leaders, who were the old Biafran War Generals from the old wars, locked the trucks with the people in them and set the trucks on fire and burned the trucks and people. Then war broke out in the city just a  mile from where I lived and cars were tipped over and people burned and killed with mashetes. It was bloody. I was there. The Muslims masked as police came in a shot people at random, the people not knowing they were police. The Muslims were my friends by day and carried guns by night. One was a furniture maker and my neighbor and at night a gun runner. The other an eye doctor by day but gun carrying Muslim at night. I could not ride in a vehicle with another man that was Muslim. I did not shake their hand and I did not look at them. All this was forbidden of women and mass female genital mutilation was going on all the time. Tell me have you seen things like that? You say it will never happen here? Well they are desperately trying to turn this country, state by state into a 3rd world nation. It is much more then a religion. I think you know this and I think it is all about money for you or you would not be vetoing this bill.


 I could take you to Jos, Nigeria and  I would give you a safe journey into what it looks like to have a Muslim state.



Elaine Llewellyn


On Monday, April 24, 2017 10:49 AM, "Bullock, Governor" <governor@mt.gov> wrote:


Dear Elaine:


Thank you for contacting my Citizens’ Advocate Office about Senate Bill 97 (SB 97), an act to prohibit the application of foreign law in state courts.


The title of SB 97 and some internet articles written about this bill are misleading. I vetoed this bill because it is unnecessary and does not reflect the values of Montana. The U.S. and Montana constitutions contain strong protections for all Montanans – protections that our courts are sworn to uphold. The rights of due process, equal protection, privacy, and freedoms of religion and expression are the bedrock of our constitutional protections and, indeed, our cultural identity here in Montana.


Any application of foreign law that is contrary to the U.S. or Montana constitution is, by its nature, unconstitutional. There has never been an instance where a Montana court has applied Sharia Law – or any other foreign law – in contradiction to our state and federal constitutions. Even if such confusion were to occur, I have no doubt that the appeal would be swift and reversal certain. SB 97 is a poorly written piece of legislation and could lead to other serious violations of our constitution if implemented.


We are already in the midst of a nation-wide surge in hate crimes, including examples right here in Montana. This bill would have opened a dark chapter in our state’s history and violated the constitutional norms it claims to protect. We must recommit ourselves to protecting the religious and cultural diversity that makes our state and nation strong, while remaining steadfast in our resolve to stop those who intend to do us real harm.


As Montanans, the differences we have are small compared to what unites us. Our connections to one another, Montanan to Montanan, neighbor to neighbor, are real and strong. We hold each other, and ourselves, accountable. Because at the end of the day, Montanans look each other in the eye and recognize we all want the same things – a good life for ourselves and our families, while providing greater opportunities to the next generation.


Thanks again for your comments, and please feel free to reach out to my office again with any further questions or concerns.








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