Debunking The Words spewed From The Mouth Of CPS Worker Shelby G and Roger and Kathleen Bernhardt

March 3, 2017


Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from. 


The Montana News has researched more documents from the case of Benette Johnson defending herself and her children from Roger and Kathleen Bernhardt, and Eric Johnson. We dove right to the origins of the case to attempt to understand exactly what was going on.


The very first document filed, subsequent to Benette Johnson’s divorce from what appeared to be an abusive husband, was a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) filed by Benette for protection from the Bernhardts. This TRO details a few accounts of attacks by both the Bernhardts and their son, Seth Bernhardt.  These documents are all on Court record.


What screamed for attention was Benette’s statement, fearing the Bernhardts would abduct her three children.


The next document is a parenting plan filed by the Bernhardts, along with an affidavit. There is much to say about the obvious lies in their affidavit. For now we will focus on what the Bernhardts say about the relationship ship between Eric Johnson and Benette Johnson.


The Bernhardt’s affidavit in support of their motion to have full custody of Benette’s children states;


“...Eric received visitation agreed upon by the parties to be supervised...Benette and Eric’s relationship has always been volatile. Upon information and belief, the police have been called to their household on at least twelve occasions.”


So the in this Court Document, Roger and Kathleen Bernhardts clearly acknowledge that Eric Johnson was abusive to Benette Johnson.   After reviewing the case file and court transcripts, The Montana News found no claim by Eric Johnson that Benette Johnson was abusive to him.


In fact, the report of the Guardian Ad Litem in June 2016 states that Eric Johnson believes Benette is a good mother, and that he doesn’t see Benette as dangerous at all.


Now Let's Return to the Bernhardts’ affidavit:


“Over the past few years,……..our daughter (that’s Benette) has constantly been in and out of our household with the children. Sometimes she would literally show up in the middle of the night.”


Here we have the Bernhardts demonstrating that their daughter was in an abusive relationship, and in trying to get out she would run to their home for help. In their attempt to distort the truth and make their own adopted daughter look like the problem, they actually support her version of the story.


The Bernhardts go on to diagnose their adopted daughter, Benette: “We believe that Benette has a mental disorder. Upon information and belief we believe she has a borderline personality disorder. She is becoming violent.”


The Montana News investigative reporter was intrigued by the use of this phrase, “Upon information and belief.” Exactly what does that mean coming from parents?


How much is information, and how much is belief?


She either does or does not have a mental disorder.


And presumably such a distinct diagnosis would have been accompanied by evidence, such as a doctor’s report.


She has either been diagnosed, or she hasn’t. But no, no such evidence was submitted to the court by Roger and Kathleen Bernhardt.


The Montana News investigative reporter has seen this type of wording before.


It’s the wording of someone who is telling a lie, but is trying to surround the lie with terms that make it seem more valid.


Nice try, Bernhardts the Montana News investigative reporter debunked that argument.


We find the true nature of what the Roger and Kathleen Bernhardts are doing by returning to the report of the Guardian Ad Litem.   The Guardian Ad Litem  stated that he observed the odd situation, that at first the Bernhardts were against both Benette Johnson, and her abusive ex-husband, Eric Johnson. Yet when they did not get what they wanted from the court the first time around, they joined forces with Eric Johnson against their own adopted daughter.  Wow what webs people weave all in the name of using CPS to help them steal children from an innocent single Montana mother.


The Investigative reporter for the Montana News keeps turning the heat up little bit by little bit.   It's called boiling a Toad in water.


Stay tuned as the Montana News Investigative team keeps digging further into this corruption CPS case. CPS worker Shelby G. is  the water is getting hotter?


Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from. 

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