Billings CPS Social Worker Mandy Reinhardt Condones Child Criminal Theft From Store: Punishes Father For Spanking Child

February 16, 2017


Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from.   


Billings Montana--//MNA press//-- Billings man Travis Ken Bohl was arrested for spanking his daughter.   No... Really this did happen.   According to Court arrest records On Jan 25, 2017 Billings’ police were dispatched to the St. Vincent Hospital ER room for a report of physical abuse. 


The Montana News has investigated  social worker Mandy Reinhart.  Mandy Reinhart tends to embellish her description of case events that she gets involved with.



According to  a third party source the medial exam was because of the belt injuries which  authorities claim as “Child Abuse.” allegedly.



The father allegedly  told authorities that he spanked his little girl who is 7-years-old because she stole something from a store  (Shoplifted) and that he spanked her with his belt so that she would learn her lesson not to steal or shop lift from store ever again.


Reinhardt, according to a Montana News  source,  was the individual who brought in the Billings Police Department to conduct a forensic interview with the child Advocacy Center. 


Did CPS workers coached the girl before the interview so that when the Billings Police interviewed the child using forensic tactics ?   probably.


According to a third party source,  the Billings Police Department spoke with a Billings school teacher Staci Ives who teaches at the Poly Drive Elementary School.   Billings Police also spoke with a school counselor Katie Tatum according to street sources.


Apparently spanking a child and discipline a child after they have shop lifted from a store (Stolen), parents are prohibited from doing.  


According to a source from the Montana News who have asked not to be identified fearing retribution by CPS stated, “CPS social worker Mandy Reinhardt has blown this clearly out of proportion.”   


Is it better to allow a child to steal from a store (shop lift) from society,  and not discipline a child to alter that criminal behavior now, before the child becomes an adult criminal?   Or does a parent dare spank a child so that the child grows up knowing the difference between right and wrong and refraining from stealing from others?


Apparently CPS worker Mandy Reinhardt feels that no parent should spank their child.


Apparently CPS worker Mandy Reinhardt condones criminal behavior of small children


Apparently CPS worker Mandy Reinhardt condones and is not the least bit concerned about that very same child entering a life of crime, because this little girl was just taught by Mandy Reinhardt, that her parents cannot spank her for stealing from a store.


Shame on you CPS social worker Mandy Reinhardt.   The Montana News viewers disagree with your actions.


Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from.   




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