Due To The Alleged Lies Of Billings man Kenneth J. Seccomb, The Billings Police, City Of Billings and Kenneth J. Seccomb All Being Sued For Wrongful Arrest

February 15, 2017




Billings Montana.,--//MNA Press//--  The City of Billings and the Billings Police Department are being sued over the downright lies of a Billings man,  Kenneth J. Seccomb.   Seccomb is also a  Defendant


Background history: Plaintiff Richard B. Darling is dating a woman who has a little girl fathered by Kenneth J. Seccomb.    This woman has not lived with Kenneth J. Seccomb for over 5 years.   It is on Court record that Kenneth J. Seccomb, has a history of lying to the Billings District Court, with Judge Souza presiding over a custody case over a little girl.


Here is yet, another bold face lie, this time he has been caught lying to the Billings Police and the Billings City Courts.  The financial damage Ken Seccomb’s has caused are mounting.


On or about August 4, 2016 Kenneth J. Seccomb gave intentional false information to the Billings Municipal City Court in order to secure a Temporary Restraining Order against an innocent man, Richard Darling, who has nothing to do with Ken Seccomb’s life.


Kenneth J. Seccomb intentionally lied to the Municipal Court and did not give the Billings City Municipal Court judge any facts that were based upon probable cause, but only made up lies that were only based upon negligently false information, convincing a scatter brained Municipal Court  to  act upon that false information that was provided to them which they then issue an EX PARTE Protective Order, without any notice or the opportunity for a hearing by the Municipal Court to hear from Richard Darling the Plaintiff.  


The City of Billings Municipal Court then had Richard Darling served with a fraudulent TRO at Mr. Darling’s home on August 7, 2016.   The Court and its representatives relied on this false information, never once checking to see if the facts presented were even true.


City Court has a history of operating with this type of demeanor.


The Montana News has been tipped off that at least (3) more law suits may be filed against the City of Billings, and the Billings Police Department and other individuals who at this time will remain unnamed until the suits are actually filed.


In this case, on August 18 2016, Kenneth J. Seccomb negligently with intent to do harm, represented to  Billings Police Officer Lausch, that he had seen the Plaintiff’s vehicle drive past the his house  multiple times which would have been a direct violation of the TRO Order that Seccomb had against Richard Darling.


Based on these intentional lies,  the City of Billings sent out several Officers, and without any investigation, corroboration or any actual evidence of any kind other than the word of a known liar Kenneth J. Seccomb, arrested an innocent man Richard Darling, for being somewhere that he was not nor had ever committed any such crime accused of.


Under the direction of the City of Billings Chief of Police Rich St John,Officer Lausch takes his orders from his boss Chief Rich St. Johns.   


Richard Darling was arrested by Officer Lausch without any probable cause and was negligently was contrary to the Montana Statues relating to such arrest(s) without a warrant.   


Billings Police Chief Rich St. John is the one to blame for his officers misconduct and false arrest. 


Billings Police Rich St. John’s Officer(s) who made this arrest are lacking in their knowledge of State Law, the very law that they swore to protect and defend.   WHAT A JOKE   !!!!


On November 9, 2016  a hearing was finally held in the criminal charges against Richard Darling for the violation of the TRO and the charges were dismissed as being unsustainable under the facts and circumstances of the case and since the testimony establishing that the Protective Order should have never been issued against Richard Darling in the first place the City Of Billings Municipal Court dismissed the case immediately.  


Point-of-fact.    In the hearing it was established that by a preponderance of the evidence, only insufficient evidence or the lack their of, showed that Richard Darling did not violate any TRO and that the Court, being the City of Billings Municipal Court ruled that as a matter of the law, no probable cause for the Plaintiff’s arrest should have ever taken place in the first place.


Kenneth J. Seccomb, The City Of Billings and the Billings Police Department all acted negligently and were in concert together in the violation of Richard Darling’s Constitutional protections and his right to privacy and due process and the right to be free from unreasonable searches, seizures and were in violation of the provision that are found in Art. II, Sec. 4 , Art II Sec 10 and Art II, !!  1972 Constitution of the State of Montana.


Because of the direct and intentional actions of Kenneth J. Seccomb, the City of Billings and the Billings Police Department, Richard Darling was incarcerated, suffered embarrassment humiliation and emotional pain and suffering    Up to this event, Richard Darling had never been arrested for anything in his life nor had any criminal record of ANY sort.  Mr Darling is in his late 50's and well established in the community of Billings.


Because of the alleged fraudulent actions of all the defendants, Mr. Darling lost out on a financial contract due to his wrongful incarceration by the City Billings Police Department.   It is now on Court record that Kenneth J. Seccomb lied.


Richard Darling is asking the District Court for reasonable damages for abuse of process and malicious prosecution at the hands of the Billings Police Department and the Billings City Municipal Court which is known to many in the public as just a straw and brick Court.


  "If you want something done correctly go to District Court or the Federal Court" Says (Hemler), who asked that his real name not be identified until his attorney gets his lawsuit filed against the City of Billings and the Billings Police Department for wrongful arrest also.


Richard Darling is asking the District Court for damages for the negligence and proximate resulting in his false incarceration, and of course his attorney fees.  The case is being filed by Robert Stephens, a long time practicing attorney in Billings, who knows how the Billings Police Department can be wrong at times.  


According to an unnamed legal source of the Montana News, in the District Court house, Kenneth J. Seccomb has shot himself in the foot with his lies and this could have a direct bearing on the outcome of a his custody  case that he has going against the mother of their child, Bennett Johnson.    What other facts and things will the Montana News find out about Mr. Kenneth J. Seccomb?  


The Montana News reached out to an un-named Montana News police source within the Department and were told that they were not aware yet of the case, but if they were, they couldn't say anything since it would be a pending case.


Stay tuned it only gets better.   The Billings Police Officer who made the alleged false arrest was Billings Police Officer Lausch.  One could say that Officer Lausch is not really the bad guy here, it is Kenneth J. Seccomb who caused all this havoc due to his multiple written and verbal lies.


Also their is a pending Criminal case for a Partner Family Member Assault, trial set for either March 13th or 14th.   Seccomb is trying to keep this under wraps so that this does not effect his custody case. 


This was where he beat up his mother of his child by assaulting her violently in front of the little girl who watched all this assault take place.


The case number to Kenneth J. Seccombs criminal case is Tk-2016-4891 in City Municipal Court.





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