Billings Police Officer Diercks, Receives Help From A Good Samaritan Billings Man Trent Goulet, In The Arrest Of Terri Jolene Ixcolin

January 28, 2017





by: Donald Cyphers

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings Mt,--//MNA Press//--Billing’s woman, Terri Jolene Ixcolin was arrested and charged with Assault on a Peace Officer, Criminal possession of dangerous drugs, Forgery, Resisting arrest, Criminal possession of drug paraphernalia and obstructing a Peace Officer.


According to a court hearing, a 911 call came from the EZ money check cashing business located in Billings at 2499 King Ave West.

According to dispatch records, a woman by the name of Terri Jolene Ixcolin was attempting to cash a check that appeared to the EZ Money clerk as being altered.


Billings Police Officer Diercks responded to the forgery 911 call..   Officer Diercks was able to locate Terri Ixcolin at a Subway which was nearby the EZ Money business.


After speaking to Terri Ixcolin, Ixcolin denied an wrong doing.  An employee of EZ Money identified Ixcolin as the person that was trying to pass an altered check. 


According to a court hearing, the check in question was originally made out for the amount of $25.00 but it appeared as someone had altered the check to read $225.00.


According to an EZ Money employee, this was not the first time that Terri Ixcolin had done this.  


A month prior, Terri Ixcolin actually was able to get an altered check to passed and get paid out to her by  the EZ Money business.   That check was not caught until the check had returned from the bank several days later.


According to Billings Police Officer Diercks, Terri Ixcolin appeared to be getting nervous.    Terri Ixcolin went outside to smoke a cigarette upon getting verbal permission from Billings Police Officer Diercks.   Officer Diercks however, followed behind. 


Terri Ixcolin got into her car that was parked in front of the EZ Money business and was sitting in the drivers’ seat of her vehicle and started to light her cigarette.


According to Billings Police Officer Diercks,  Diercks ordered Terri Ixcolin to exit her vehicle.  Terri Ixcolin told Officer Diercks that she did not have to get out of her car.  


Billings Police Officer Diercks then grabbed the door handle of  Terri Ixcolin’s vehicle.  Terri Ixcolin then pulled shut the door to her vehicle and slammed Billings Police Officer Diercks fingers in the doorway.


Officer Diercks was able to free the fingers from the door of the vehicle but at the same time Terri Ixcolin started her car and was placing the car into reverse.


Officer Diercks tried to pull Terri Ixcolin out of the car and was unable to do this as Terri Ixcolin resisted Officer Diercks apprehension attempts.


This was where Billings Man Trent Goulet who was a by stander, stepped in to help Billings Police Officer Diercks.   We will call Billings man Trent Goulet a “Good Samaritan" for the purpose of this news article.


Good Samaritan, Trent Goulet entered the passenger side of Terri Ixcolins vehicle and placed Terri Ixcolin in a head lock which allowed Billings Police Officer to finally get Terri Ixcolin’s vehicle ignition disabled.


Terri Ixcolin continued to put up a struggle with Billings Police Officer Diercks but between the Good Samaritan Trent Goulet and Officer Diercks, Terri Ixcolin was finally subdued and arrested and taken into custody.


According to evidence the state has against Terri Ixcolin, Terri Ixcolin was in possession of .1 grams of Meth and admitted to Detention Center Officers that it was Meth and that she was a Meth user.


It is not advised for the public to assist any Officer of the Law as the potential for the public getting in harms way is high, but in this case no harm was done to Trent Goulet the Good Samaritan and  another person high on Meth is off the streets of Billings.   


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