Billings Woman Heather Thompson And Two Men Committed A Strong Armed Robbery 18 Lewis Ave #3

January 7, 2017








Billings Montana., Jan 6, 2017--//MNA PRESS//-- Billings home robbed by three individuals.   According to the Montana News investigative reporter, the apartment building a18 Lewis Ave was robbed, by force entry and at gun point.   The apartment #3 was the scene of the crime incident.

According to the Billings Police, they claim that there were two victims at the residence; The Montana News Investigative reporter discovered the names of the two men as Terry Seader and Jeff Rickert.


Both of the men were in the apartment and are being considered victims by the Billings Police department.


Jeff Rickert was lying down next to the door along the wall area and Terry Seader was lying in bed.  According to MNA sources, a woman by the name of Heather Thompson who is a known Meth dealer in Billings started knocking hard at the back door of the apartment.  Terry Seader went to the door and told her to leave that he did not want to have any contact with her.


According to Terry Seader, he then went back to lie down.   Suddenly the banging started on the apartment front door as Terry Seader was about to yell at Meth addict, Heather Thompson to go away, suddenly the front door was kick in.  


Heather Thompson entered the apartment along with two men who were armed; one man was holding a pistol and the other man also  was  possessing a hand gun.   In the Billings Press release, it states mace or pepper spray.   But according to Montana News sources, the second man also was weilding a gun.


  But according to Terry Seader, both men had guns pointed at their heads.  Jeff Rickert was lying on the floor was never able to get up off of the floor as he was  being held now against his will by one of the assailants. 


Terry Seader who was lying on the bed did not move at first because a pistol was pointed at his head.   According to Sources of the Montana News, Heather Thompson was looking for another woman who Terry Seader was now involved with romantically.   He figured that Heather Thompson was just a jealous old ex-girlfriend.


The room was ransacked, clothes were thrown everywhere, papers and various articles were thrown all over the floors as Heather Thompson and the two men were looking for something.


Heather Thompson stole from the two victims a cell phone that belonged to Jeff Rickert and a cell phone charger.  A wireless keyboard and cigarettes were stolen.   According to the two individual victims one of the men was a Native American Indian and the other man looked as he could have been of Mexican descent.


The Montana News Investigative reporter noticed Bite Marks, Scratches to the face and a Black left eye on Terry Seader, so some sort of struggle occurred during the robbery.


In talking with the manager of the building, the building manager who asked that his identity be kept anonymous stated to the Montana News that “Out of the 10 years that I have been the Manager of the building, I have never had anything like this ever happen in the building.”   The building Manager went on to say, “I think that this was a Meth fueled incident.  I don’t know what else it could be.”



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