Catch Up On Your Sleep: You'll Be Healthier !

January 1, 2017



by: Donald Cyphers

Billings Montana--//mna press//-- Jan1, 2017-- Are you Sick of being sick with the flu or a simple cold? For a 2017 New Year's resolution, a person can improve their health by altering just a few lifestyle changes.


The reason most people end up getting sick is due to the fact that they are not getting enough sleep.


Most individuals are so busy with the hustle and bustle of their daily life, they are not taking time for cat naps and their sleep time may seem entirely impossible.


It is important for a person to get an established sleep pattern which will greatly help with one’s own health. Let’s say you are already sick, so what are you to do?


Easy, SLEEP. Getting a full eight hours of sleep is optimal, especially when a person is plagued with being sick.


When sick , an individual’s sleep pattern is disrupted, but if you are trying to combat a stuffed nose or sinus pressure when you’re trying to go to sleep, prop yourself up in bed and moisturize the air with a humidified or a vaporizer.


In short order you will notice that you will be able to fall asleep much quicker that before. Make sure sometime during the daily activities that you are able to get outside and take a short walk or consider a lighter workout just to get the benefits of exercise.


Drink up. No not with alcohol, but with water or chicken broth, tea or anything to keep hydrated. Fluids’ are important to help one’s self get over a cold or the flu. In fact, fluids help your body functions get rid of excess mucus and wards off dehydration.


Don’t drink coffee or alcoholic drinks as these just increase any dehydration that you already have, an will not relieve it.

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