Loose Cannon, Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison Void Of Sensible Value Of Human Life

December 17, 2016





Syndicated by: Montana News

Written by: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter for Montana News

Billings Mt Dec 17, 2016--//mna press//--Billings Police officer, Grant Morrison deprived Mr. Ramirez of his constitutional right to be protected by the fourth amendment and the fourteenth amendment and the right to unreasonable search and seizure and the right to be free from excessive police abuse and the right to be free from Grant Morrison's unlawful, reckless, and deliberate indifferent and conscience shocking deadly force.


The Billings police department ie: Officer Grant Morrison and boss, Billings Police Chief Rich St. John acted in wrongful conduct which was deliberate in thoughts and actions by knowingly committing Maliciously, reckless disregard for the right and safety of a citizen of Billings, namely Richard Ramirez.


What is sad and horrific in nature, are the actions of Billings Police Chief Rich St. John who created and fostered this environment within the Billings Police Department.  His  practices, customs and policies have encouraged and allowed the use of excessive force.


Billings Police Chief Rich St John directed his department to use deadly force on any and all citizens of Billings because he has a drunken mentality of tolerance of his departments officers using excessive force at will.


In the video of Grant Morrison murdering Richard Ramirez, the public cannot but help see that Grant Morrison deliberately escalated the unauthorized traffic stop where there was no need and no legitimate warrant For the escalation.


Grant Morrison failed to wait for backup and he failed to use the appropriate procedures in his unlawful attempt to focus directly just on Richard Ramirez, and certainly did not use any general accepted procedures for apprehending a suspect.


Billings Police Rich St. John failed to investigate his officer outside of the department with an investigation entity that had no interest in the outcome of the investigation.


St. John failed to evaluate many prior complaints that have been lodged with the city and the department regarding Grant Morrison's conduct in the public and with the public, which also involve excessive force on several cases.


billings Police Rich St. John has also fostered and encouraged the Billings Police Department to conduct a code of silence among his officers so that none of his officers would break ranks against another, in-spite of the fact that the whole department knew that Grant Morrison is considered a LOOSE CANON and that he is a danger to the public and will use excessive force and escalate his traffic stops into a incident involving deadly force which has resulted In not just one person being shot and murdered by Grant Morrison but now two individuals being murdered by Grant Morrison with the latest namely being Richard Ramirez.


The City of Billings has dirty hands also, in the Grant Morrison Shooting.


(Dirty hands is a legal term that is used in a court of law.)


In this case the City of Billings improperly trained Grant Morrison, evaluate, investigate and lacked in any discipline of Grant Morrison in which this caused the public distrust of the entire Billings Police Department because the City acted with indifference to Richard Ramirez Constitutional Rights.


The city of Billings approves and tolerated and without question ratified Grant Morrison's unconstitutional conduct towards Richard Ramirez.  


Case in point.


Just after the shooting Billings Police Chief Rich St. John  held a press conference where he tried to raise a false light on the Richard Ramirez's brother, which had nothing to do with the shooting of Richard Ramirez by Grant Morrison.


Billings Police Chief Rich St. John was trying to shift the spotlight off of officer Grant Morrison and on to the fact that the Ramirez  family has had legal issues in the past, with the department as if trying to say that these people were bad people and that they deserved any action that the billings police department took against Richard Ramirez.


Therefore Billings Police Chief Rich St. John was trying to justify to the media the taking of the life of Richard Ramirez and that Morrison's actions were justified.


In fact the Billings Police Chief Rich St. John,  failed to sanction, or discipline or fire Officer Grant Morrison. Stay tuned for further articles regarding Billings, Chief of Police Rich St. John and his impish bad cop, Grant Morrison. and the Lawsuit against the City of Billings by the Richard Ramirez's Estate.   This law suit will cost the taxpayers countless money.   The public wants Grant Morrison fired as an employee of the City of Billings, and as an Officer of the Law and believe that Morrison is not fit to serve as a law enforcement officer.


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