Public Enemy #1 and Scum Bag, Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison's Actions Not Only A Disgrace, But Horrific And Shameful

December 6, 2016


 Syndicated by: Montana News

By: Donald Cyphers Investigative Reporter

Billings Montana., December 6, 2016--//mna press//--  Billings Police Officer, Grant Morrison and Police Chief Rich St. John have been individually named in a law suit that was filed on November 18, @ 9:31 a.m.


The case number is DV-16-1535 in front of Judge Gregory R. Todd.

However because this case is using just a local law firm, the Plaintiffs expect that they will ask and move the case into federal court.


What the Billings Police and their weak counsel do not realize is that due to the severe nature of the claims the Plaintiffs probably will not challenge the City’s defense in the removal from district Court to the federal court jurisdiction.  

In fact that is right where the Plaintiffs want the case moved to in the first place since there is massive corruption in the ranks of the Billings Police Department.   Most of the Officers are good men, however, they are being led by a Chief of Police that even the public distrusts.


Julio Ramirez has told the Montana News investigative reporter that  Billings Police Chief Rich St. John is not only worse than the criminals, he is corrupt in his attempt to protect public enemy #1 Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison in the shooting of his son Richard David Ramirez.


Renee Ramirez in a taped interview makes it very clear that the Ramirez family WILL hold Billings Police, City of Billings, Officer Grant Morrison and most importantly, Billings Police Chief Rich St. John who is the master mind of the Billings Police corrupt activity, amongst his rank and file.  St. John sets the pace, his officers follow his direction.  Billings Police Rich St. John is ultimately responsible for the Scum bag cop that he hired, by the name of Grant Morrison.   The anger of the public will be directed toward both men.


Billings Police Grant Morrison was employed as a police officer with the Billings Police Department at the time of the shooting.  Grant Morrison is being sued also in his individual capacity.


Billings Police Chief Rich St. John was the Chief of Police at the time of the shooting and he is responsible for the policy made that all the Billings Police Officers are to follow.

Billings Police Chief Rich St. John is also being sued in his individual capacity.


All the defendants in this case are and were acting as relevant agents, employees, partners, joint ventures servants, co-conspirators, and alter egos of the remaining Defendants and did engage in the acts and omissions of the alleged event.


This is what took place that terrible evening on Monday April 14, 2014.

Richard Ramirez crawled into the back seat of his buddy’s car as he was getting a ride so that he could locate his girl friend that fatal evening.


Now,  Scum Bag Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison had previous encounters with Richard Ramirez and had it out for Richard David Ramirez.   Grant Morrison saw the vehicle that Richard Ramirez was riding in and Morrison started to follow Richard Ramirez for some distance.


Noticing that a Billings Patrol car was following them, Dustin Halverson turned right onto State Street and then made another right hand turn which crossed the railroad tracks which led them down an alley way behind one of his friend’s home which was at 421 South 39th street.


Suddenly after following Richard Ramirez for some time Grant Morrison turned on his lights like he was making a traffic stop.  But what he did not tell the Coroner’s inquest was that Richard Ramirez was already stopped in the alley with his buddies.


There was no legal reason for Scum bag Officer Grant Morrison to even stop the vehicle,  in fact that action by Grant Morrison was highly unconstitutional because, inter alia, the driver did not commit nor did Scum bag Officer Grant Morrison  witness any type of traffic violation nor any other violations were reported to Grant Morrison who is Public enemy #1,


Grant Morrison did not have any reasonable grounds to even justify that any of the individuals in the car had even committed or were about to commit a crime of violation of any type.


In Fact Grant Morrison already knew that Richard David Ramirez was in the car and Officer Grant Morrison was intent on harassing Richard David Ramirez at all costs, just because Grant Morrison did not like Richard David Ramirez personally.  This was what Grant Morrison failed to tell the Coroner’s inquest at the Inquest hearing.


Lying Grant Morrison told the inquest that he called for backup, but in fact the 911 records do not show him calling for any back up until he had already shot and killed in cold blood Richard David Ramirez.

Once Public Enemy #1 Officer Grant Morrison initiated the illegal traffic stop,   Morrison suddenly jumped out of his car and with his flashlight and gun already drawn quickly approached the vehicle that Ramirez was riding in and became instantly aggressive.


On the Billings Police I-Cop on-board camera it shows that Grant Morrison was so angry that he was using swear words for no reason at all breaking all sorts of police policy in dealing with the public.

Of course, apparently this policy is not followed even by the maker of the policy,  Billings Police Rich St. John,  who encourages his officers to be disrespectful to the public in their daily dealing with the public.   So it is no surprise to anyone regarding the vulgar actions of Grant Morrison


Morrison was yelling at the passengers in the vehicle to put their hands up.   This was only a motion that Grant Morrison was going through because he was actually intent on dealing with Richard David Ramirez, that’s why he was following Richard Ramirez in the first place.


Defendant Morrison demanded that passengers put their “hands Up” and then deliberately lied and falsely accused Ramirez of “Moving his hands around” all of which was a deliberate lie.


Scum bag Billings Police Officer and now recently, self induced, public enemy #1 started to yell the following using his wonderful English gutter talk.  Grant Morrison stated, “ Put Your FUCKING hands up right on top of the seats.”  Oddly enough, Grant Morrison then called dispatch that he had “seized Ramirez and wanted the the department to “Everybody step it up.”


If a person looks at the I-cop you will see that Grant Morrison was only focused on Richard David Ramirez and instantly threatened to ‘Shoot Ramirez”,  as Morrison was for no legal reason pointing his gun directly at Grant Morrison’s body.   Before Richard Ramirez even had time to respond Scum bag Grant Morrison fired three (3) shots at Richard Ramirez, causing all three bullets to strike and hit Richard David Ramirez.


Ramirez was unarmed and no other occupants in the vehicle were armed either.   All the while this was going on Officer Grant Morrison was screaming like a crazed, doped up lunatic  at Richard David Ramirez  threatening to shoot Ramirez multiple times again.  


The crazed Officer Morrison, then kept slinging out the FUCK words to Ramirez telling the wounded man to “get on the FUCKING ground.”   Ramirez was bleeding from the three bullet wounds, was immobile, and suffering greatly and was in immense pain and was unable to even comply or to even move any part of his body even if he had wanted to. 


Officer Grant Morrison told dispatch that shots were fired and once again started yelling profanities like a crazed lunatic.  Knowing that he had illegally rendered Richard Ramirez physically unable to comply with any of Morrison’s crazed demands.


This was the second time he had shot and killed a human.  Only 40 sec’s had passed from the time Grant Morrison jumped out of his patrol car yelling and then shooting multiple times at Richard Ramirez, who died at the scene.  Richard Ramirez endured pain , suffering disfigurement, fear, inhumane treatment and emotional distress and then death at the hands of Grant Morrison who is a public disgrace as a cop and certainly is a blight to the Billings Police Department


Stay tuned to part Two of a series of articles on Public Enemy#1 Billings Police Officer, Scum bag Grant Morrison.  Multiple articles will be released on the law suit.  Details will be forthcoming, and the lies and cover-up by Billings Police Chief Rich St. John will be interesting.  You won’t want to miss any of it.

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