Billings Man Joel Alexander Grimes Arrested And Charged With (5) Felonies for Sexual Assault On Two Minor Girls ages 14 and 17

November 28, 2016





by: Donald Cyphers

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings man Joel Alexander Grimes was arrested and charged with multiple counts of Sexual Assault and intercourse without consent.


According to the victims, E.D. and M.H. the reported to Detective Michael Robinson of the Billings Police Department.


According to the victims, they were walking to the gas station at 3:00 a.m. in the morning when a man now identified as Joel Alexander Grimes approached them in his vehicle that was described as a dark gray vehicle who was described as a white male who was bald and had numerous tattoos.

Joel Grimes told the two girls that his name was Jeremy and that he was 23 years old. 


 Joel aka:“Jeremy” gave the two girls a ride from the gas station to a home that was near the Central Park.  Joel gave both the girls his phone number and left the girls their.


Later the girls walked to the Zip Trip on Central ave.  The girls called Joel Grimes on his cell phone and were asking for Grimes to give them a ride because they had now where to go or to sleep.  

Joel Grimes drove both the girls around for some time before offering them a place to sleep at a hotel providing that the girls exchange sex for a room to sleep in.


One of the victims by the initials of E.D. wanted to have a safe warm place to sleep so she decided against her own will, to perform oral sex on Joel Grimes.   She preformed the oral sex act until  Joel Grimes ejaculated into her mouth.  While she was doing this in the vehicle that Grimes had picked them up in, victim, M.H. was driving the vehicle.   According to E.D., Grimes also was toughing M.H.’s breast’s.


Not long after, Joel Grimes took the two girls to the Motel 6 where he paid cash for a room.  He asked that the girls remove their shirts and M.H. took her shirt off while Joel Grimes masturbated while he was touching her breasts and buttocks.  According to E.D. Grimes also masturbated while touching her breasts and buttocks.


Later, Grimes took the girls to the Rim Rock Mall and dropped the girls off so that they could go shopping.  The girls never saw him again after that.


A woman by the name of Chelsie Knight who works at the Rimrock Credit Union was contacted by Detective Robinson of the Billings Police Department.   Detective Robinson located a dark Nissan Maxima and that vehicle was determined to belong to Chelsie Knight.


That was the vehicle that Joel Grimes was using to pick up the minor girls for sex.  According to Detective Robinson, Chelsie Knight was a possible girl friend of Joel Grimes.   Chelsie Knight refused to provide any information about Joel Grime.  Later that same day, Chelsie Knight contacted Detective Robinson and advised she was in the City Hall with Joel Grimes.  Both Grimes and Chelsie Knight spoke to the Billings Detective.


 Grimes denied that any Sexual contact with the girls.  Detective Robinson got a search warrant for Grime’s phone and found phone call that was made from the Zip Trip to his phone and a return call from Grime’s phone to the Zip Trip.


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