How Meth Destroyed A Billings Family And How The Innocent Family Members Are Paying The Price, For The Sins Of An alleged Meth User.

November 3, 2016


Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from.   


Billings Montana., Nov 3, 2016--//mna press//--The Perils of Meth effects even the innocent by-standers in a family.   It destroys the family unit, it creates undue medical bills, legal problems and can even cause Child Protection Service to make false allegations against those who are caught in the middle but who have done nothing but be related to the Meth addict.


Case and Point.


Shaunel Dawnn Hull age 19, and her child have been affected severely and even been separated by CPS because the father of the child, 23-year-old Jordan Wade Cooley was being investigated by Child Protection Service allegedly  for using Meth according to third party sources.


According to third party sources, Child Protection Services felt that both parents ‘ had the inability to meet the basic needs of their child and to provide the child with a safe environment.


According to the Montana News investigative reporter, Child Protection Service was so sure that Meth was being allegedly consumed by the father, Jordon Wade Cooley, because they were getting multiple reports about the father Jordon Wade Cooley’s allegedly use of Meth. 


Sometime around May 14 through the 18 of May, Billings Child Protection worker Moyra Anthony forced Jordon Wade Cooley to submit to a “Drager Drug Test.”    According to the Montana News Investigative reporter, Jordon Wade Cooley did in fact test positive for Methamphetamine use.


Now normally, the person guilty of using the Meth would be told that he or she had to leave the home and have no contact with the child who CPS alleged was in danger for being around the drug user and his or her tools of drug choice,  But in this particular case that is not what happened at all. 


In fact in this case  an entirely opposite reaction of what one might think that clear thinking authorities in the Child Protection Service Office would do, happened.


According to sources, on  May 16, 2016 yet another case worker from the Child Protection Office showed up at the couple’s home.  This time it was a Child Protection Case worker by the name of Loretta Willams.     Loretta Willams responded to an anonymous call that the mother Shaunel Hull  allegedly was also using Meth.


Loretta Willems forced the mother Shaunel Hull to submit to a Drager Drug test also.   To no ones surprise, the test results came back negative which meant that the mother Shaunel Hull was negative for ANY altering drugs in her system, unlike the father, Jordan Wade Cooley who allegedly  tested as being positive for Meth in his system according to third party sources.


As this story unfolds, it gets weird.


Both the Mother Shaunel Hull and the Father Jordan Wade Hull are already in the process of fighting for custody of their minor child.   CPS claims that they do not get involved with civil cases such as child custody battles, yet in this case it is clear that CPS dove head first into the civil child Custody now armed with the facts that one parent allegedly  uses Meth and the other parent does not.  So  what did they do?


Stay tuned for the next article.    As each article is published regarding this CPS case, it gets really weird.


Disclaimer:   All information has come to the Montana News via third party sources, and at no time has any CPS file, been accessed  or reported from.   

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