Billings Police Chief Rich St. John's Corruption Roles Down Hill

October 28, 2016




Officers of the Billings Police Department have been entangled in corruption once again.    This time the incident happened on Oct 25, 2016 at just before 10:23 p.m. It was at this time that the Billings Police Department dispatched Officer Boeckel to the Casey’s Corner at 2007 Blue Creek Road in Billings.

The Billings Police Department is under the direct supervision of the Billings Police Chief Rich St. John. In this reporter’s opinion, either are serious training issues or what no accountability seems more likely,. As Rich St. John has been known to many in the community as a corrupt official, one can only guess which of those might be the answer.   It is Chief St. John’s duty to train his officers appropriately. He is ultimately responsible when dishonesty, omission of facts and failure’s to live up to the responsibility to the community occurs. Are his officers just lazy, or is the corruption and breakdown in morality so deep that it even infects the head of the department.


A case in point being what occurred on the night of October 25, 2016 at roughly 9:45. The information we will list was obtained from court documents, police reports and notes.

 It was reported that Cheyanne Butler, Jacob West and Dalton Ray Haynes were assessing the Casey’s Corner gas station, washing their car with squeegees at the gas pump waiting for right moment to rob the store.
According to the Billings Police Officers’ reports they (the police) claim that West and Haynes were just out for a drive and ended up at Casey’s Corner.   A cashier by the first name of Daniel was working that night.   West came into the store and asked for some water.  Daniel the cashier assisted West in getting water in a bucket.  While West was in the store he stole the cashier’s phone and 2 bottles of oil from a store shelf.
In the police report it also states that the cashier’s cell phone was located on the driver’s side floorboard of the car the suspect’s were driving.

The Police state that both West and Haynes blamed one another. They also claimed that neither was the owner of the car being driven, instead pointing the finger at each other.

      After officers located the vehicle and the suspects at the Reno Club in the parking lot, Officer Cagle obtained a search warrant. He then searched the vehicle. During the search the officer located a 12 gauge Shotgun in the vehicle as well as the cashier’s phone. 

The notes written by the Billings Police as well as their reports go on to state that Jacob West and Dalton Haynes along with Cheyanne left the Casey’s Corner together. After leaving the scene of the robbery they proceeded to engage in a verbal argument with J.N. and another male. 

According to the reports, as the argument escalated, Haynes pulled out a shot gun from inside the car and said, “I will shoot you mother fucker stop fucking with my family.”   The group continued to argue and Haynes pointed the shotgun at J.N. and then fired a round in the air, causing J.N. to fear he was going to be shot. 
However this is all untrue.  

The Montana News has discovered a tape that shows the whole incident as it happened.  What Billings Police state happened is false; Their time line is completely false. In point of fact Officer Boeckel was dispatched to the Casey’s Corner at :10:23 p.m. however Officer Boeckel did not arrive until 11:44 p.m. later in the evening.
Maybe the officer stopped to have dinner? Perhaps he took a break before he responded to the Casey’s Corner. 

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