October 14, 2016




by:Rob DiLorenzo

Syndicated by: Montana News
So, you think all is well in America?
Let’s recap just the past few years.

- Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, ok’s evacuation of all US troops in Iraq. ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood are born.
- Four Americans (and an ambassador) killed in Benghazi, Libya. Clinton refuses help, says it was a venal video tape. “What difference does it make?”
- Middle East in chaos.
- Iran deal gives hundreds of billions to Iran. They test intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Israel shocked!
- U.S. military smallest since 1939, our naval fleet is the smallest since 1910.
- U.S. Navy embarrassed by capture of one of its vessel, sailors held at gunpoint and made to keep their hands on their heads. Woman sailor forced to wear a hijab.
- Clinton Foundation raking in Billions of dollars, Foreign governments and individuals who contribute suddenly get favors and meetings. “Pay to play.”
- Clinton approves Russian purchase of 20% of American uranium, Russia contributes $145,000,000 to Foundation.
- Clinton’s were “broke” when they left the White House in 2000. Now worth $250,000,000.
- Clinton destroys (“bleaches”) 33,000 emails, after Congress orders them produced.
- Clinton places classified and top secret e-mails on an unsecured server in the basement of her home in Chappaqua, NY.
- Clinton has at least eight Blackberry phones destroyed with a hammer.
- Clinton did not know what “C” meant. Duh, (c) classified!
- FBI investigates, will not prosecute, “extremely careless” handling classified e–mails.
- Bill Clinton has tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch (Atty General) 10 days before the announcement not to prosecute.
- FBI orders Clinton laptops destroyed.
- FBI issues no search warrants.
- Sanctuary cities.
- Illegal immigrants catch and release. Prisons overloaded who illegal immigrant felons. Congress votes down “Kate’s Law.”
- Radical Muslims slaughter hundreds in America and Western Europe.
- Nations murder rate up by 20%.
- $10 trillion spent on war on poverty. Poverty rate essentially same as in 1960.
- Murder rate of police officers sky high. Riots in cities. Blame the police.
- Black crime rate 10 times that of Whites and Hispanics.
- Black unwed birth rate 75%.
- Democrats who have Blacks in their pocket refuse school choice, vouchers for private schools and charter schools.
- Clinton runs for president, has media and “hard news journalists” perform as super-PAC. Collusion now clear.
- John Harwood, moderator of debate, gives Clinton secret advice.
- Department of Justice gives Clinton heads up on release of e-mails.
- Clinton campaign secretly denigrates Catholics and Evangelicals and calls for“revolution” in Catholic Church.
- Clinton states we conservatives are a “basket of deplorables.”
- 20 trillion in debt, double the debt from only 8 years ago.
- Ford factories move to Mexico.
- Employment participation rate only 62%, worst in 40 years; unemployment rate “low”, but we don’t count those who gave up.
- Obama-care “craziest program” insures 10 million, but doubles premiums and sky high deductibles for middle class.
- Clinton calls for open borders and Syrian immigrants.
- Clinton refuses to release transcripts of Wall Street speeches.
- Republican electorate revolt and turn down ALL establishment Republican President  candidates.
- Elect Trump in desperation.
- Republican Party in turmoil, irreversible split.
- Democrat Party taken over by Marxists and “Progressives,” want “fundamental change,” “social justice,” that is, socialism and an end to capitalism and a free economy as we know it.
- Colleges and the left want an end to freedom of speech, “transgender” bathrooms, and “safe zones.”
- Americans purchase more guns, ammo and survival food than ever before.
- Let’s not discuss, Rose Law Firm, Whitewater, cattle futures, rape, sexual assault, “I never had sex with that women,” impeachment, Bill’s women were “tramps, ”Clinton’s steal furniture out of White House, 9/11 disaster, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, etc, etc...

Did I miss anything? Is it not time for pitchforks and torches?



Monday, October 17 meet and talk to Liz Cheney and talk to us in the Big Horn Basin Tea Party at two locations in the Big Horn Basin.

1) Days Inn in Thermopolis, 115 Park Street, Thermopolis; 12:00 noon - 1:30;
sandwiches served, FREE

2) Greybull Hotel, downtown Greybull, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm,
finger foods served, FREE.

All on Monday, October 17th!

We must keep the House in conservative hands!

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