David Lee Brown Jr., Admits To Billings Detectives He Robbed The Valley Federal Credit Union

September 10, 2016



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Donald Cyphers

Just how did the bank robbery of the Valley Federal Credit Union located at 1445 Main Street go down?  On Sept 7, 2016 at 2:35 in the afternoon Dispatch received a call from the Valley Federal Credit Union that a robbery was in progress.


10 Billings Police cars responded along with Yellowstone County Sheriff Deputies.  Dispatch alerted police officers that a male suspect entered into the bank and had a semiautomatic hand gun with him.   The suspect was wearing dark colored cloths and a dark bandana over his face.


Billings Police Office Lam, was the first officer on the bank robbery scene.   Officer Lam spoke to several bank employees and a female bank teller told Officer Lam that the robber suspect told her” Fill the bag and no bait.”  The tellers initials of the teller is A.W.  she told the officer that she handed the suspect the amount of $2,752.00 and several of the bills were tagged or “bait” bills.


Once the suspect got his money bag he took off running towards the Arby’s parking lot.  The suspect jumped into a gray Ford Taurus that was being driven by a blonde female.


 Billings Police were able to quickly solve this robbery due mainly to the fact that the female, had earlier been in the bank filling out a loan application which she had her name on the document and address of where she lived.  Her name is Heather Brown and her husband’s name is David Lee Brown and they both live at 701 Revolution Ave. 


Heather Brown told Officers that she left the bank in a hurry earlier that day because she was late for picking up her child at school.  After she picked up her child from school, her husband David Brown told her to go to the Arby’s parking lot and wait for him.  He then disappeared from Heather’s location headed towards the Bank to rob the bank.  


According to Heather, her husband did not tell her that he was going to rob the bank.  Heather told the police that their actual address was 791 Revolution Ave and that they had multiple children.  A few minutes later  David Bear re-appeared where his wife was sitting in the  Arby’s parking lot got in and told Heather to drive.  Heather wondered, if her husband just robbed the bank.  Heather drove her husband and child home to the location of 791 Revolution Ave.


When the Billings Police had arrived at the Brown’s home, Billings Detectives located a $20.00 bill on the passenger side floor board of the Ford Taurus.  That vehicle was the vehicle that was used in the robbery and fit the description of eye witnesses and also was the same vehicle information that Heather had put down on the loan application at the bank earlier in the day.


According to the suspect David Brown, he admitted to the Billings Detectives that he had been addicted to Meth and that he started in April of 2016.  He told the detectives that one of his co-workers supplied him with the Meth. According to the suspect David Brown he told the detectives that he owed lots of money for drugs and at one time he and his c-worker tried robbing the drug dealers for money but that did not work and they were unable to get any money from the drug dealers. 


David Brown also indicated to the Billings Police detectives that he could tell that the bank teller was scared.  Once David Brown arrived home with his wife and child, he took off his cloths and took the gun he used in the robbery back to his coworker.  Brown stated that he noticed that there were a  lot of police in the area so he took his cloths and mask and hid it in a garbage can which was next to his house.  Then David Brown took the money bag and threw it off his back porch and into a nearby field where police located it.


David Lee Brown Jr., was charged with One Count of Robbery (with weapons Enhancement a Felony) and Count Two, Tampering with or fabricating physical evidence (felony).


Brown was given a $100,000 bond and is currently still in the Yellowstone County Detention facility and according to jail sources, is unable to post any bond


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