School Begins Today: Billings Police remind Drivers About School Zones

August 25, 2016





The Billings Police Department would like to remind the public that the new school year is starting this week. 


The Billings Police Department’s STEP officers (Selective Traffic Enforcement Program) will be out patrolling and enforcing any School Zone violations.


  We are asking the public to be aware of the speed limits in the school zones and also to be aware of the children and crossing guards during the school year.



Cell phones,  music gadgets,  food and people talking have become a major part of driving in America. Texting, talking global navigation all are distractions to drivers.    The human brain is already processing over 1million bits of data every second.  The limits to e human cognitive capacity have been documented over the years.


Yes, the human brain can multi tack depending on the task at hand.   The Brain will allocate priorities per the various tasks at hand.   When a person takes his mind off the task of driving, the increase of crashing jumps 250 percent.


If a driver is traveling 30mph in a school zone, that processing time translates to about 33 feet before the driver even reacts to a child on the side of the street.  Once the driver identifies the hazard, he must then react. Tis costs the driver 3/4 of a second inch is another 35 feet.  Once the drivers foot actually hits the brake. At takes 3 seconds just to engage a vehicle brake.


Thus breaking suddenly on dry surfaces costs the driver 104 feet before coming to a complete stop.   The moment a child steps into the street and off of the curb, the drivers vehicle distance to stop increases and could take yet another 203 feet to completely stop the car.


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