Johnny Ray Hisaw Has History Of Assault Against Females. Now add Little Children To That Crime Record.

August 4, 2016



by: Donald Cyphers

Syndicated by: Montana News
Stabbing incident on ave F.  These are the facts from several different witnesses that were and are  involved in the case, including the Defendant Johnny Ray Hisaw himself.


On July 16, 2016 an hour before midnight, a 911 call came into the 911 comm center that a stabbing had occurred  at the address of 1228 ave F.


Billings police responded.   The first Officers that. Arrived on the scene were Billings Police Officer Weaver and Officer Snider who discovered Johnny Ray Hisaw with a stabb wound to his chest area.


Police Officers  located a minor male child who had run away about two block from the residence of 1228 ave F.  The minor told the police that he had stabbed Johnny Hisaw, because he was hurting his mother and he was afraid that Johnny would hurt him and his sisters.   The minor was very troubled and shook up and in shock for having to  stab Johnny Hisaw.


Billings Police Officer Weaver, spoke to the victim who stated that Johnny Hisaw was her boyfriend and that both of them were at the Red Door.  During the time that they were their, both of them got into an verbal argument.


The victim told the police that Hisaw got angry when she was comparing Hisaw to her ex-boyfriend.


Both the victim and Hisaw left the Red Door bar and headed home.  As the victim was driving herself and Hisaw home,  they continued to argue and yell at each other.


As they approached 18th street and Grand Ave, suddenly Johnny Hisaw reached over from the passengers side of the car to the drivers side of the car and grabbed the victims car wheel and jerked the wheel so that the car ran directly into the curbside.  This caused both front tires to pop which left the car non drivable.


As the vehicle came to a stop, Johnny Hisaw started punching the victim in the face and was pulling her hair.  Johnny Hisaw got out of the vehicle and the victim drove away from the aggressor, Johnny Hisaw.


The victim did not get very far as the vehicle was non-functionable.  The victim pulled her vehicle over into a parking lot on Grand Ave.  The victim saw Johnny Hisaw running towards her yelling at her in a threatening manner.


The victim got out of her car and ran North on 17th Street West and into the parking lot of the West Park Promenade Complex.


As she was running, she noticed a taxi cab driver that was parked out side of the  Sam & Louies parking lot.   The victim ran to that cab and asked for help.  The taxi cab driver's name is Dan Wobig.


By this time Johnny Hisaw had caught up to the victim and noticed that she was in the cab,  Hisaw started to fight with the taxi cab driver.  The taxi cab driver was able to get into his car and drive away from Johnny Hisaw.


Sometime later, the victim saw Hisaw approaching her house.  The victim stepped out side with Johnny Hisaw's son.


Hisaw immediately attacked the victim again.  This time he grabbed the victim and shoved her face into the wall of the home, then threw her to the ground on the sidewalk.


The victim was in fear of her life and for the lives of her children.  Hisaw's own son was already on the phone with 911.   But to protect his mother, he stabbed Johnny Hisaw his father, in order to protect himself, his siblings and his mother.


Billings Police Office Weaver, observed blood coming out of the victim's ear, a cut on her foot, bruising on her hip, swelled left cheek and later it was detained by medical responders that the victim's cheekbone was broken.


.........Now from the perspective of Johnny Ray Hisaw's own son .......


In an interview with Detective Robinson, the minor child who's initials are Q.Z.,

told Detective Robinson that he was home when he heard his mother walk in the house and then he heard his sisters screaming.  He stated that his mother had blood all over her neck. 


Suddenly, Johnny Ray Hisaw showed up at the house.  


His mother went out side to talk to Hisaw and then she started screaming for some one to call 911 of which he did call 911.   Q.Z. Went out side while one the phone to 911 to see if his mother was alright.


Hisaw grabbed him and pushed him against a metal railing.   "That hurt me a lot"  he told the Detective.  Q.Z. Watched as Hisaw shoved his mother to the ground.   Q.Z. Ran into the house grabbed a steak knife from the kitchen then ran back out side to protect his mother.  Suddenly Hisaw came after Q.Z. Again.


Q.Z. Feared for his life and that of his mother and his sibling sisters.  As Hisaw was approaching Q.Z.   Q.Z. Was backing up.  He told the detective that he did not want to stab anyone but that he was afraid for his safety and his mothers and his sibling sisters.

As Hisaw got very close to the minor child, the child stabbed Hisaw in the chest area and then took off running as Hisaw,  gave chase.


According to Court records and NCIC records, Johnny Ray Hisaw has a criminal record where he was the aggressor and the victims were all female.


In 2003 Hisaw was convicted of Family Member Partner Assault.  In this case it was Hisaw's own mother who he had assaulted.

in 2003 Hisaw was convicted of Assault with a weapon.  In this case he assaulted his former girlfriend.  And now Hisaw can add a minor child and another girlfriend to the long criminal history.

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