Cody Wyoming Police Department News

July 22, 2016


July 21, 2016 ARRESTS:

07/21/16 Tiffany Mathews, Cody, 32, Arrested for Criminal Trespass and Possession of Controlled Substance, (Incident #1607210083)

07/21/16 Daniel Burgess, Cody, 34, Arrested for Domestic Battery, (Incident #1607210091) 07/21/16 Ninette Brown, Cody, 28, Arrested for Disorderly Conduct Total 911 calls – 2 05:59 Intrusion/Holdup 1607210008 Occurred at Arbys on Yellowstone Ave. , Cody. NW door. . Disposition: Informational. *========================================================================== 07:59 Animal-Noisy 1607210018 Occurred on Heart Mountain St, Cody. Barking Dog tied to a tree since about 0500hrs. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 08:36 Welfare Check 1607210022 Occurred on 22ND St, Cody. RP requesting a welfare check of tenant. RP has been unable to make contact with her for over a month. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 09:09 Motor Vehicle Crash 1607210024 Occurred at Ponderosa Campground on 8TH St. , Cody. Hit & run, a rv struck another parked rv when backing out, then left the campground. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 09:47 Nuisance Complaint 1607210029 Occurred on Shoshone Trl South, Cody. Over grown yard, junk ford pu sitting in the street, trash thrown in the street again, teens also speeding on dirt bike, does not appear to be street legal. . Disposition: See Case. *========================================================================== 10:34 Domestic 1607210033 Occurred at Billings Clinic - Cody on Yellowstone Ave. , Cody. Male vs female - white suv or mini van, RP viewed male wrestling w/female appeared to be trying to get her in the vehicle. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 10:41 Animal Call - Other 1607210035 Occurred on Cougar Ave, Cody. RP advised she was charged by an aggressive dog while in the alley. . . *========================================================================== 11:13 Patrol-Extra 1607210041 Officer initiated activity at Area One, Big Horn Ave/Blackburn St, Cody. On bike. . Disposition: Completed. *========================================================================== 11:41 Miscellaneous Assistance 1607210042 Occurred on Sunburst Dr, Cody. RP has a question regarding registering her service dog. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 14:08 Littering 1607210061 Officer initiated activity at A St, Cody.55 gallon drum of oil in the alley. . . *========================================================================== 14:33 Forgery/Counterfeit Complaint 1607210065 Occurred on Sage Ave, Cody. Wallet missing from residence contained large amount of cash. . Disposition: See Case. *========================================================================== 15:30 Animal Call - Other 1607210075 Occurred on Granite Ct, Cody. Reporting possible animal neglect issue. . . *========================================================================== 15:38 Motor Vehicle Crash 1607210076 Occurred at Ffa Livestock Building on Sheridan Ave. , Cody. RP in blue chevy rear ended a red pontiac, non-injury, no blockage. . Disposition: Citation Issued. *========================================================================== 16:06 Animal Call - Other 1607210080 Occurred on Draw St, Cody. RP would like to speak to animal control about the abuse of a puppy. . . *========================================================================== 16:48 Trespass Complaint 1607210083 Occurred on 23RD St, Cody. RP states that there is a female subject at the apartment that does not live there, she is intoxicated and was yelling at the RP. RP is a manager for the apartment and would like her removed. Drives a red PT Cruiser. . Disposition: See Case. *========================================================================== 17:01 Warrant Service Attempt 1607210088 Occurred at Autozone on Yellowstone Ave. , Cody. RP states that the below listed person is at the above location and has a warrant. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival. *========================================================================== 17:04 Miscellaneous Assistance 1607210089 Occurred on Gulch St, Cody. Vehicle is parked in front of the shop, RP is unsure if the vehicle is for his shop or another glass shop. RP requesting help contacting owner to see if they are at the wrong business. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 17:21 Trespass Complaint 1607210090 Officer initiated activity at 23RD St, Cody. . Disposition: Served. *========================================================================== 17:41 Domestic 1607210091 Officer initiated activity at 29TH St, Cody. . Disposition: See Case. *========================================================================== 18:11 Traffic Complaint 1607210096 Occurred at Geyser Brewing Company on Yellowstone Ave. , Cody. RP states that the below vehicle came into the parking lot and did donuts. RP stopped the 2 young males and made them fix it. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 18:14 Trespass Complaint 1607210097 Occurred on E Ave, Cody. RP states that a male subject may have had a fight with another male at the above location. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 18:31 Assault 1607210100 Occurred at Crystal Cove Apartments on Big Horn Ave. , Cody. RP states that she was assaulted by a female subject and that she is injured and unable to get up. . Disposition: See Case. *========================================================================== 18:50 Animal- Deceased 1607210101 Occurred on 26TH St, Cody. Dead deer, near dumpster. . . *========================================================================== 19:32 Miscellaneous Assistance 1607210104 Occurred at Crystal Cove Apartments on Big Horn Ave. , Cody. RP states that the below subject called her names. . Disposition: See Case. *========================================================================== 19:39 Miscellaneous Assistance 1607210105 Occurred at Mentock Park on Blackburn Ave. , Cody. RP would like to speak to an officer about and 18yom trading a skateboard for her sons bike. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 21:17 Parking Problem 1607210109 Occurred on Stella Ct, Cody. RP states that a small SUV is parked in the fire lane. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival. *========================================================================== 22:19 Suspicious Activity 1607210113 Occurred on 14TH St, Cody. RP States that she has a little bungalow in her back yard and the lights and door is open. . Disposition: Assistance Given. *========================================================================== 22:48 Animal-Noisy 1607210116 Occurred at Jubys Trailer Crt on 19TH St. , Cody. Barking dog. . Disposition: Assistance Given.

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