Billings Dog Protester, Only Person To Answer The Tuff Media Questions: And She Does It With Grace And Kindness

July 18, 2016


 By: Donald Cyphers

Investigative reporter

Billings Montana July18, 2016--//mna press//-- Last week about 40 animal right protesters  were exercising their freedom of speech  by protesting the death of a dog. 


Why? You might ask?


That was just what the Montana News Investigative reporter wanted to know also.   So being the hard core news outlet that we are, the Montana News walked up to one of the many protesters  by the name of Sandy Christensen who lives and works in Bridger. 


She was asked; Why are you protesting regarding the death of a dog, yet when a human is murdered here in Billings you’re not protesting, or when a human being is attacked and hurt, you’re not protesting.  Are you placing a dog’s life above a humans life?


Bridger woman Sandy Christensen reacted to that hard hitting question with ease, diplomacy and gave an answer from the heart instead of being rude nasty like a tall slender gray haired woman was with the media. That old woman was afraid of what the Media would say, or maybe she was trying to control what they would say and to whom they would talk to.  How Sad, what a miserable, bitter woman she is.


But,  this is how protester Sandy Christensen responded, from the heart with diplomacy, in an attempt to educate the public .


“Sir, thanks for asking me that question, why protest for a dog when there are murders and crimes against children every day?   Well, I guess this is my opinion.   But before I get to that you must understand what makes me tick.  


I am a mother of three children ages 26, 23 and 6.  I have 4 wonderful Grandchildren as well.  Their ages are 5, 5, 4 and 2  I love every one of them.  My father is a Vietnam Vet and my Mother and Father were married for 42 years, and they survived the difficult road of PTSD. 


My Brother is older than I am by 4 years.  We were always taught as children to care for others and even animals.


God gave them to us to take care of.  I have had animals all my life.  I believe in strict spay and neuter regulations because there are so many unwanted animals.  Animals, when I say animals I’m specifically referring to cats and dogs because they are the ones that that seem so disposable in our society.


I was at the protest for a dog named “Joker”.    “Joker” has no human voice he can only speak dog language or rather did at one time.  


Today,  I was “Joker’s” voice regarding  the crime against “Joker”  that happened in front of five children.  To me that matters a lot.  Those children will be  forever traumatized by the memory of this horrible crime they witnessed against their dog/ pet “Joker”.


A person can have or support different views on many  issues.  I protested today against animal abuse.  Look at the laws against animal abuse or puppy mills or any kind of animal abuse for that matter.   For some reason it seems to be at the bottom of a person’s agenda or priorities. 


This type of crime happens in every neighborhood in every City, State, County and Country.  Society does not value life period in my opinion.   Just look how long it takes before a child will get taken from a Father or Mother who is physically abusing them?  Or how long sexual abuse is or if ever convicted in a Court of Law or given very light sentences.


So see, it’s just not just animals that we can fight for.


Most people  who abuse animals also abuse kids or other people.  


I also think that if they abuse animals, they will also abuse a wife, or child.   All three are innocent.

Animals are sometimes sold to the highest bidder  then often they are chained up in back yards with no affection and with food in a dish that is disgusting,  rained or snowed on. 


If lucky, they are given a wooden hut to live in for shelter.  That is all the law requires for a dog owner to provide.  What about when the tempatures reach below zero?


Try getting the law to go and remove the dog for neglect of care.   The laws just don’t support it.  Take a look at the pictures of puppy mills and the small crates or kennels that they have to be in, where they have a hard time standing up.  They pee and poop in their own area  because they cannot move around . 


Do the authorities care about that?  Hardly.


Did you know that many healthy animals are euthanized every year because we can not get them all adopted out.  2.7 million of them.  People are so irresponsible when taking care of their pets.   Vet care can be very expensive.  Look at Dr. Amy Lamm, she drivers her mobile vet care all over this state and even serves the pet owners who cannot afford her vet bill.  Yet she still provides service to their animals.


On the brighter side of life, pets are very therapeutic. 


Very good for Veterans and for kids with special needs and for the many people that suffer from emotional issues from their own abuse or accidents issues.  Dogs are used to sense a person that is about to have a seizure and for centuries dogs have been medically helping people for years by being their companion and close friend.


Just look at the service they give the public in helping the police solve crimes and for sniffing out drugs.  Yes, dogs have met and supplied many services for society but yet society has  failed the dog’s needs by protecting them from people who abuse them.  


“Joker” was beaten by a cane and kicked multiple times.  He was a family member and he was loved by the kids and he entertained them and loved them back.  “Joker” was not a very big dog.  All he was doing was barking.  Is that not  what dogs do when they talk to us humans?


 Many dogs will give their life for the very people they love.  “Joker” gave his life by taking a death beating, instead of the human children getting a beating.   “Joker” was part of the family, now  he is deceased.


It can be  very emotional when a person loses their pet, and it’s traumatic when the pet is “Murdered” just because it was barking.  Dogs and cats need to be protected from the monsters in this society.  We all recognize that they are more that “just a dog” or more than “just a cat”.     The fact remains that these needless deaths are injustices that are a cancer to our society.


So Mr. News man,  thank you for asking me that hard hitting question,  Yes, the value of life is beyond just humans. 


 Our actions are supposed to be above animals, unfortunately  society’s evil abuse actions are below even the animals.  This is why I was out protesting for  a  dog named “Joker.”  I hope my voice sounds rational and it changes even one person’s mind on how they treat their pets. 


This is how it starts one person at a time  “Joker”  may you rest in peace.”

Once again,  thank you Montana News for taking the time to talk to me that day during the protest."



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