Muslim Predator Kidnap British Virgin Teen Girl And Take Turns Raping Her, When They Are Arrested They Accuse Her Of Being A ‘Sexual Predator’

June 7, 2016


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Raping somebody is a horrible enough crime. But then to turn around and say it was the victim’s fault is only something that a Muslim could do with a straight face and not budge.


A court heard after being ejected she became separated from her friends and was lured into a transit van by Zaheer Abbas, 30, and Sajad Hussain, 35.


She was then driven to an industrial estate where she was brutally raped and sexually assaulted in the back of the vehicle by the pair during an hour long ordeal.



The horrific ordeal lasted over an hour before the twisted pair dropped the victim back at her student accommodation.


The court heard the student, who had been a virgin, had since dropped out of her course at the University of Birmingham.


Judge Stacey told the wicked pair: ‘What you both did to her had devastating consequences.

‘After achieving her goal of getting into a top university because of your actions she dropped out.

‘She no longer goes out on her own and feels wary and fearful. She was clearly abducted, she had to be held up and was unable to walk unaided.


‘She was totally incapable. Abbas, you took her virginity from her which can never be reclaimed, you took her innocence and ruined her time in Birmingham.


‘Both of you have shown no remorse and have cynically attempted to portray her as a sexual predator when the exact opposite was true.’


Abbas, of Birmingham, and Hussain, of Birmingham, denied doing anything wrong but were both convicted by separate juries.


While this teenage woman should not have been drunk and perhaps the bar could have handled the situation differently, the blame here lies solely with the Muslims. Nobody made these Muslims get this woman into a car and take turns raping her. That is strictly their fault.


This article, while it is a heinous crime it describes, also points out another problem in our Western society, and that is the tendency to blame our problems on everything else but the sources of the actual problem. Perhaps recontextualizing this issue will get the point across better. An example? The American public school system.


American public schools are monuments of social and intellectual failure. Everybody knows this and it is not a secret. Each year, schools demand more money, better equipment, and more faculty, and, for the most part, they get it. And every year, without fail, there are continued, measurable declines in aptitudes, test scores, graduation rates, and general achievement. Sure, there are sometimes better years than others, but chart this out over a 30 year period and the trend is clear: school spending continually increases while test scores continually decline.


The constant game in the USA has been to say it’s “more funding,” “better books,” or some other nonsensical excuse when the reality is clear that the problem with the schools is the schools and the students alike. The schools are factories of applied atheism (a.k.a. “secular humanism”), and the students are raised either without or in a nominally religious atmosphere, and the two feed off of each other. The intellectual fall is a reflection of the moral collapse of the American man, and until this is fixed, the problem will only continue.


The same is with Islam. Rapes, violence, and evil do not happen because a bar threw out a woman who was clearly drunk, underage, and should not have been there in the first place. No, they happen because the UK and many other Western European nations invited millions of people who worship a religion that sanctifies rape, murder, and violence as holy acts that merit eternal beatitude instead of a lifelong sentence behind bars. 


The denial of reality is the surface issue, which is again part of a moral collapse in the West. Without our morals, we cannot discern right from wrong, and as we cannot do this, we cannot determine the cause of evil actions when they are thrust directly in our midst and the answer is right before our eyes.

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*Article by Andrew Bieszad


Note from the Editor-In-Chief of Montana News:  (The Billings Gazette published an article on Muslims and Islam y in apparent attempt to convince the public that Islamic Muslims are ok.  Their DEAD WRONG ! This is just one of many articles the Montana News  has published to you the viewer.   The TRUTH about Muslims and their radical ISLAMIC ways.

Don't be fooled by the Liberal Press)  you will find the Gazette article here:

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