Billings Witnesses Come Forward Against Shooter, 20-year-old Kiwan Austin Busha

May 19, 2016



Written by:: Donald Cyphers Investigative reporter

Syndicated by: Montana News

Billings, Montana 5/19/2016 20-year-old Billings Man, Kiwan Austin Busha was arrested and charged with (4) four counts of Criminal Endangerment, all felonies. Billings Police received 911 calls on May 16, 2016 starting at 2018 hours. The gun shots were coming from the area of 2118 Lampman drive.


Several witnesses spoke to Billings Police. One of the witnesses Sierra Hodgson told the Billings Police the following: Sierra, was getting out of her vehicle which was parked in front of her residence at 2318 Lampman Drive when she heard gunshots.


Sierra visually observed Kiwan Austin Busha standing near his vehicle firing a gun. Sierra was able to identify who the man was because she had gone to high school with Kiwan Austin Busha and Busha had been in a relationship with one of Sierra’s classmates.


Sierra Hodgson had knowledge that her classmate had broken up with Kiwan Austin Busha about two weeks earlier.


Sierra Hodgson was aware that one of the bullets hit a Chevrolet Impala owned by Vickie Escobedo. Another witness, Frank Daniel, told the Billings Police that as he was leaving his residence of 2312 Lampman Drive when he heard  at least 5-7 shots being fired.


Frank Daniel described the shooter to the Billings Police.


According to Daniel’s the shooter left the area after firing 5-7 rounds.


Frank Daniel observed that one of his own vehicles was hit by gun fire.


A Ford Expedition had a bullet hole in the driver’s side door and another hit near the top of the vehicle's hood on the driver’s side. Frank Daniel told the Billings Police department that he was concerned because his son Corey and wife, Teresa were in the residence at the time of the shooting.


A single shell casing was recovered on the street which matched a bullet found on the floor of Frank Daniel’s Ford Expedition.


Kiwan Austin Busha’s ex-girl friend told police that she previously that day received threats via text messaging from Kiwan Austin Busha. Billings Police searched the area and other Billings Police went to where they thought that Kiwan Austin Busha was living at.


When Billings Police Officers arrived  at that address, they were met by Kiwan Austin Busha’s mother, Jesse Busha.


Jesse Busha was asked by the Billings Police Department to call her son, Kiwan Austin Busha and to have him return at once to his mother’s house.


Jesse Busha called her son and soon her son came down the street. Billings Police stopped Kiwan Busha’s vehicle and ordered him out of his vehicle.


Kiwan Busha told police that he had done nothing.


While the Billings Police Officers were arresting and handcuffing Kiwan Busha, Officers noticed several shell casings on the outside of the vehicle that Busha drove up in.


The shell casings were resting on the windshield area near the wiper blades. Billings Police bagged Kiwan Austin Busha’s hands to preserve any evidence of gunshot residue.


Kiwan Austin Busha asked a Billings Police Officer, “How Long does gunshot residue stay on your hands?” Kiwan Austin Busha faces up to 10 years per count, in prison and fines per count up to $50,000.00 or both With all four felony counts Kiwan Austin Busha is facing 40 years in prison and combined up to $200.000.00 in fines if convicted of all four felonies.

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