Billings Freidel, LLC Little Blue Monitoring System Goes Haywire and wrongfully Accused An Innocent Man For Being At Someone's Home When He Was NOT !!!!

April 23, 2016




Billings Police were called to the house of 919 North 32nd street for a report of a man who was inside of the house. 


The Call came from Freidel, LLC who’s Offices are located at 3302 2nd Ave North In speaking with a man from Freidel, who pulled up in a blue pickup,  he was asked if he was Probation and Parole? he said “NO” when asked what he was monitoring he just stated that they were "private contractors"  but would not give his name or identity to the reporter, instead he and another Freidel, LLC employee had in their hands a little blue monitor and kept telling the Billings Police that their suspect was in 919 North 32nd Street.   This man was later identified as from the Freidel, LLC. business.


This man pictured above and another Freidel, LLC employee had in their hands a little blue monitor they kept looking at and they told Billings Police that their suspect was in 919 North 32nd Street. 


                                    (Both the men in this picture are from Friedel,LLC)


A reporter caught a Friedel, LLC male employee peering into the house located at 919 North 32nd street.   As he looked into the window he lifted the back of his shirt and very visible was a hidden gun tucked away by his butt. 


Does this Friedel, LLC man have a concealed weapons permit?   The Montana News Agency will double check on this later.


Soon multiple Officers arrived at the location.



 Officers went into the back of the yard and gained entry into the home at 919 North 32nd Street. 


In about 45 minutes the front door was opened from the inside.  It was an Officer who let in other Officers inside of the house. 




The Officers searched the house without a warrant and discovered that there was no one in the house.  A few minutes later, Officers started to leave the premises. 


According to Sgt West of the Billings Police Department, the call was UNFOUNDED.



The Freidel, LLC monitoring system gave everyone a false reading and to top it off, the poor guy who was not even at that house, was falsely accused by Friedel, LLC employees as being in that house.


This might be of concern to those going through the Court system that maybe it might be wise to consider using some other “privately contracted company” for monitoring of their person. Based on what was caught today on film by the Media.


Did the Police have permission to enter the house from the home owner?  Probably

You the reader, read and decide for yourself.



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