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National.,May 22, 2008--/MNA PRESS//--Dr. Charles O. “Chuck” Baldwin was nominated as the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate at their national convention, April 26, 2008. Baldwin, a pastor, writer and conservative talk show host won the nomination from a field of eight prospective nominees, including former U.N. Ambassador and Asst. Secretary of State in the Reagan administration, Dr. Alan Keyes. Although Baldwin was the party’s 2004 vice-presidential nominee, the presidential nomination came as a complete surprise to him. “I really didn’t see it coming,” Dr. Baldwin told the Montana News in a phone interview on Wednesday.

The Constitution Party is the third largest political party in terms of voter registration. The Constitution Party Mission Statement reads as follows: “The mission of the Constitution Party is to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity through the election, at all levels of government, of Constitution Party candidates who will uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. It is our goal to limit the federal government to its delegated, enumerated, Constitutional functions and to restore American jurisprudence to its original Biblical common-law foundations.”

As the Constitution Party presidential nominee, Chuck Baldwin is the most visible and vocal upholder of the party’s seven primary principles: Life (starting at conception), Liberty, Family (one husband, one wife, together with as many children as God gives them), Property, Constitution, States’ Rights and American Sovereignty. Dr. Baldwin has pledged to uphold the Constitution Party’s platform, “without hesitation, and without reservation.”

When asked if he is running as “Pastor Baldwin” or “Dr. Baldwin”, the nominee smilingly responded that, for the purposes of the campaign, he’s just “Chuck Baldwin.” Some Americans may hold the position that being a pastor and running for president of the United States are mutually exclusive occupations, but Chuck Baldwin disagrees. “People of faith have the right and responsibility to be involved in civil affairs,” affirmed Baldwin.

The Montana News reporter discussed with Chuck Baldwin the difference between running the country – day-to-day administration – and leading the country – charting its direction – and asked whether he planned to run or lead the country. “Both,” was Dr. Baldwin’s immediate reply.

The Montana News reporter then asked Chuck Baldwin why he is qualified to be president of the United States. Dr. Baldwin believes that there is one basic requirement for being an elected office holder: the responsibility to fulfill the oath of office. In the president’s case, that oath is to preserve, protect and defend the United States Constitution. The Constitution provides the restrictions of what the President can, and cannot, do. Baldwin is adamant in his belief that leaders for the past several decades have ignored and subverted the Constitution.

In the phone interview with the Montana News, Baldwin articulated his concern that elected officials from both the Republican and Democrat parties have abandoned the principles of limited government, and thereby also have abandoned the Constitution. When asked why and how he thought this abandonment came about, Baldwin responded, “A mindset has somehow been developed that the Constitution is outdated. Court rulings, the legal profession and its lack of loyalty to the Constitution have all led to this perception that has developed…especially the so-called separation of church and state that was foisted on us by the judiciary in the 60’s. The churches haven’t done a good job of teaching history, either.”

Dr. Baldwin believes one of the results of the church’s lack of teaching is that today’s evangelicals are extremely shallow in their discernment. In a February 27, 2007 article, Baldwin, in talking about today’s evangelicals, wrote, “They seem to love Republican candidates who wear religion on their sleeve. Whether the candidate walks the walk does not seem to matter near as much as whether he talks the talk.” Baldwin stands by what he said, and went even further, in his interview with the Montana News. “Evangelicals coalescing around John McCain is a classic example of this. He has a twenty-plus year track record of liberal policies and many evangelicals are just swallowing their opposition of his record and embracing his candidacy.”

When asked if he thought voters were voting along party lines, purely out of habit, Baldwin agreed, “For lack of a better term, people seem to be married to the Republican Party,” said Baldwin. “The focus of loyalty has shifted from principle to party. Therefore, people support the Party, instead of supporting the principle. People are no longer conscious of the Constitution, because they are no longer hearing about it. It’s our responsibility to distribute and disseminate this message. Once they hear it, it WILL resonate in their hearts!” enthused Baldwin.

When asked how he plans to “distribute and disseminate” his message to galvanize voters, Baldwin expressed confidence that, as the campaign picks up momentum (it’s only three weeks old) through grassroots contributors, it will garner the attention of the mainstream media, and force them to cover it. “We will get the message out to Americans, as a whole, and articulate convictions that they believe. Never in my lifetime have I seen such a vacuum of loyalty to a candidate. Across the board, people are distrustful of the candidates. When these people hear our message, I believe it will resonate in their hearts and they will enthusiastically embrace it.”

The message that Chuck Baldwin brings to this campaign is unyieldingly straightforward. As president, Chuck Baldwin would be unchanging in his defense, preservation and protection of the United States Constitution. Baldwin’s passion on this subject was evident as he discussed the need to re-energize this country’s dedication to its roots, the Constitution, which Baldwin considers to be the bedrock foundation of truth for all people – not just Christians – who live here.

How does this apply, in the context of today’s issues? Without hesitation, Chuck Baldwin asserted his view that most all of the major issues facing our nation are tentacles of one great body: globalism. “A globalist government has brought us to the place we’re at, as a country. Think about it,” said Baldwin, “Immigration, the U.N. – which is a sinister organization – NATO, NAFTA, CAFTA, the North American Union, the Superhighway, the war in Iraq, China’s threat to our peace – All of these events and issues are connected.”

Baldwin minced no words as he continued, “We must seal our border – and I can do it without a fence. It’s crazy to send National Guard troops overseas to protect Iraq’s borders, while we ignore our own! And one of the first things I would do as President is to free Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos (the border patrol agents who are imprisoned for having protected the U.S. border), immediately. When I walk into the White House, they walk out of prison.” To further protect the United States against illegal immigration, Baldwin would prosecute employers of illegal aliens and suspend all work on the North American Highway.

Another priority of Dr. Baldwin is to start immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Baldwin almost incredulously emphasized that President Bush’s stated reason for starting the war in Iraq was to protect the credibility of the United Nations. “We’ve been in Iraq far too long. We’re no longer fighting a war. This has become an occupation and we must be willing to terminate it. The longer we stay, the angrier and stronger our enemies become. We have emboldened them and every day we stay, we create a more dangerous situation. We must bring our troops home and we must no longer entangle ourselves in the internal affairs of foreign nations,” contended Baldwin.

Chuck Baldwin does not see Iran as an imminent threat to the United States, in terms of their ability to attack. “The only way they could be a threat to us would be by sneaking people into our country. And that would be far more difficult with a sealed border,” Baldwin reasoned. Baldwin was quick to answer questions regarding the United States’ responsibility and role, regarding Iran’s threats against Israel. “Let Israel take care of any threat against them, any way they choose,” Baldwin pronounced. “We tie Israel’s hands. Israel has the capability to defend herself against Iran and any other Muslim state. We need to let the Israeli’s defend themselves – they are more than able!”

To conclude the interview, the Montana News reporter brought up Lord Acton’s famous quote from the late 1800’s: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” The MNA Press reporter then talked about President Bush’s public persona, when he entered the White House, of being a strong Christian man, with a strong Christian faith, with the apparent intention of being a strong Christian leader of our country. Yet, within a few short years, President Bush publicly had celebrated Hindu holidays, Kwanzaa and Muslim holy days. President Bush essentially has blasphemed the God of the Bible, by saying He is the same as the god of the Koran. President Bush now gets a “free pass” from mainstream Christians, every time he publicly verbalizes the deceptive lie that Christians, Jews and Muslims all worship the same God. Perhaps worst of all, the Bush administration has advocated and pushed for the breaking up of Israel’s land, all in the name of achieving peace.

The Montana News asked, in the context of the apparent corruption and pollution of President Bush’s Christian faith, how Chuck Baldwin, Christian pastor, would guard against being corrupted by the power the presidency would bring him. Dr. Baldwin weighed his words carefully and his answer seemed to come from deep within him: “I think the biggest problem we all face is pride. In scripture, the archangel lifted himself up with pride…and became Lucifer. Somehow, men think more highly of themselves when they go to a position of power. Power doesn’t change people, it reveals them. Power allows the base pride of man to come out, which otherwise would not have had the opportunity to come out,” reflected Baldwin. “Without a humble walk with God, we are all vulnerable to those temptations of pride. I think the answer is what one of the prophets said, to walk humbly with God and pray.”


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